WORX WG547 Cordless Leaf Blower Review 2022

It’s an outstanding high power corded electric leaf blower that can easily handle large areas effectively. It can easily sweep debris from driveways, and backyards with airspeed of 75mph along with 360CFM airflow. It comes with 8 different attachments that are used for a variety of cleanup operations and inflating tasks. One of the most amazing features of this leaf blower is that it has a lightweight compact design that makes it quite easy to use for long cleaning tasks.

It uses a 20-volt powerfull battery which works effectively to clean your backyard without leaving any debris behind. As we all know that winter is approaching so it’s quite difficult to keep your home clean, with wg547 worx, it will become quite easy for you to handle all sorts of cleaning task such as sweeping, inflating and deflating without any hassle. We hope you will enjoy cleaner and cozier home in the upcoming winter with this outstanding leaf blower.

Features of WORX WG547

It comes with several outstanding features; however, due to limitation of space, here are a few Core features of worx wg547 turbine leaf blower sweeper kit:

Built-in attachments

It comes with multiple attachments that can be used for various cleaning operations. You can also use the extension tube so that you can control the airflow to reach tough areas.

Dust brush

It can be also used for dusting as you can use the dust brush on various furniture items. Remember, while using its dust brush; you don’t need to worry about any sort of damage to your furniture because you can control the airflow according to your cleaning job.

Wide nozzle

You can also use a wide nozzle with this powerful blower that can be used to clean vehicles without causing any damage to paint. You can also use it for cleaning any sort of recently watched items as it blows high-speed air.

Powerfull Battery

Unlike other underpowered leaf blowers, it’s one of the best alternatives to gas-powered leaf blowers as it comes with the powerful 20-volt battery which gives you a powerful airflow of 75mph. For cordless leaf blower you may also like Worx WG509 blower.

Worx WG547 Leaf Blower Reviews

  • 75mph powerful air speed.
  • Comes with inflator and deflator nozzle.
  • Quick charging time.
  • Its weight is 5.7lbs
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Short battery life.

What you should buy Worx WG547 blower?

This blower comes at a very reasonable price, and with its share-power feature, you can use batteries from other Worx tools, so that saves you money as you don’t need to buy a lot of batteries. Furthermore, in comparison with the previous Worx leaf blowers, this WG547 has been developed to generate powerful air-volume of up to 360CFM.

Can Worx WG547 blower be used to blow away pebbles and snow as well?

If you use the Worx WG547 blower in full power, it can blow away tiny pebbles, but it is recommended that you do not use it to blow away snow as it is not designed for that purpose.

How powerful is the battery of the Turbine 20V leaf blower?

The lasting power of the battery has been improved, and now it is two times more powerful than 20V batteries previously used. This device is powered by Max Lithium batteries that have the 2.0 Amp Hour rating (it shows energy storage capacity of batteries), so you can rest assured about the quality of batteries.


Sku WG547.1
Brand Worx
Voltage 20V
Speeds 2
Air Speed 55/75 Mph
Air Volume 270/360 Cfm
Charging Time 5 Hours
Product Weight 4.9 lbs.


We hope worx wg547 review guide will help you to take your final decision about buying a perfect leaf blower for your backyard. Remember, every leaf blower available in the market has its pros and cons. You have to make sure that any of the leaf blowers that you are going to buy is capable of handling all the cleaning operations in your backyard depending upon its size and complexity of the cleaning operations. If you have a limited budget and you don’t want to buy a gas-powered leaf blower because you own huge yard? Then we will recommend you to try Worx WG547 leaf blower. If you want some more information about its features then you should click the button below and check its product description or Amazon customer reviews. We hope this will clear all your confusions about Worx cordless leaf blowers.



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