Worx WG509 Electric Trivac Leaf Blower Mulcher Vacuum Review 2022

It’s one of the best all in one leaf blower and vacuum that is equipped with multi-stage all metal mulching system. It has a powerful 12 amp motor which will work efficiently to clean your yard without leaving behind any debris. Worx wg509 blower is a lightweight leaf blower that comes with ergonomic design so that it can be easily carried anywhere without causing any additional pressure or stress on your arms especially during long cleaning tasks.

You can also control its airspeed between 75 mph and 210 mph depending upon the complexity of the job, however, this feature is quite useful for those people who struggle to maintain the airspeed according to the requirement. One of the most amazing features of this cordless blower worx wg509 is that it doesn’t need any specialized tool when it comes to converting because a simple flip of a switch will automatically convert it into a vacuum without any need of changing the tube. There is a 100ft cord in this leaf blower which will be ideal for medium yards for all cleaning related works.

If you are confused between gasoline-powered leaf blowers and electric leaf blowers then don’t get confused because leaf blower worx wg509 is a powerful machine that will work similar to any gasoline-powered leaf blower. It’s also considered as the best alternative to gasoline leaf blowers.

Features of Worx WG509 Triviac

These are some of the most notable features of Worx leaf blower WG509:

1) Powerful 12amp Motor

If you are looking for the best alternative to gasoline leaf blowers then worx wg509 electric trivac blower mulcher vacuum will never disappoint you because of its powerful 12amp motor that will efficiently handle all the prolong cleaning jobs. You will also get a variable speed throttle system in this leaf blower that will allow you to adjust its airspeed up-to 210mph.

2) Convenient Mulcher

There is an all-metal mulching system used in this leaf blower that will flawlessly mulch leaves with its shredder blade. This whole process will save a lot of your precious time for sure.

3) Portable Design

Worx trivac wg509 comes with a portable design which is less than 10 lbs. that will limit all the extra stress and pressure on your arms. You will never feel tired while using this leaf blower just because of its lightweight design.

4) Ideal for Small and Medium Yards

As we have said there is a 12amp powerful motor in this best cordless leaf blower that will make sure powerful 210mph airflow which will be enough for medium yards as well. Many people are puzzled between gasoline-powered leaf blowers and electric leaf blowers because of their medium yards. Well, you don’t need to worry about its efficiency while cleaning medium yards because it’s the best alternative to gas-powered leaf blowers.

Worx WG509 Electric Trivac Leaf Blower Mulcher Vacuum Review

  • Comes with a blower, vacuum, and mulcher
  • Low Noise levels ideal for the environment
  • Easy transformation into a vacuum
  • Lightweight design that will be perfect for single-handed use
  • Speed adjusting throttle to manage airflow
  • Can easily replace gas-powered leaf blowers
  • It can be heavy on prolong use
  • Mulch not suited to twigs and stems
  • Some minor reported issues on prolonged use


WORX TRIVAC is a type of leaf blower which is accessible one is handheld and second is rucksack. This one is generally lightweight and gives idealize mobility even it right places, this one works consummately and perfect for obliterate grass and yard spaces. This one can help an expert who likes to keep their little garden tidy and can explode flowerbeds and evacuate grass.


Fortunately you can move them around one place to another and do no compelling reason to utilize sections advertisement augmentation to achieve greater regions. It will give you favorable position to wipe out waste from drains and houses. The versatility and this model brings is out class compare to others, you can complete your tasks with just one tool and there is no need to feel frustration of fatigue or arm pain.


Securing you home exteriors is an essential thing that every one of us should do, keeping up the nature’s magnificence is our first obligation and WORX TRIVAC WG509 12Amp Leaf Blower can help you to satisfy the obligation and give help. The price of this product is very affordable and once you own it you will left astound by its performance.

Does Worx WG509 Blower comes with a battery?

Answer os No. As it has a 12inch cord and outdoor extension cord and a standard outlet.

Final Words

The Worx Trivac 12 Amp 3-in-one leaf blower appears to be a great choice for people who want all-in-one convenience and don’t mind doing a little heavy lifting. It offers a lot of value for the price. So it’s great if you need to get bigger jobs done but don’t want to shell out a ton of money.