Why Should Homeowners Get STIHL Backpack Leaf Blowers?

For the past couple years, leaf blowers have been criticized for the deafening noise they create while being used and the pollution they emit. Fortunately, these handy machines have gained a brand-new reputation, ever since the emergence of STIHL backpack leaf blowers in the market. The backpack leaf blowers from STIHL have not only become popular because of their convenience and safety, but also because they perform silently and do not emit pollution. Homeowners who have large laws, and yards can even go for the commercial-grade backpack leaf blowers that are manufactured by STIHL.

Energy of the Engine

The powerful engines are one of the strongest features of these leaf blowers. As far as power is concerned, these leaf blowers seem to be unmatched. These leaf blowers blow debris, dirt, dust and leaves far more efficiently and rapidly due to having powerful air movement or velocity. This is the reason that the effort and time spent in blowing away mentioned things can be lowered by almost 20% when using a STIHL backpack leaf blower. When it comes to reaching distance debris and leaves, homeowners will not have to move around a lot because of their powerful work air output.

Ergonomic Design

Using these backpack leaf blowers will be comfortable and convenient for homeowners since they have been designed to have an ergonomic design. In fact, the experience of using these leaf blowers will be extremely convenient since they are also designed to have well-balanced features too. Carrying heavy backpack leaf blowers across large lawns and yards is not an easy task, but the good thing about the ones from STIHL is that they are designed to have a lightweight. Another reason it will be comfortable for homeowners to carry these leaf blowers over their back is because they have padded straps. Some of these leaf blowers even come with extension attachments so homeowners will be able to reach debris and leaves in hard to reach places, which makes them further convenient.

Remarkable Features

A catalytic converter is integrated into STIHL leaf blowers. Thus, emissions are cleaned up and minimized. In comparison to leaf blowers from other brands, much lesser noise is produced by cleaner-burning units in the backpack leaf blowers from STIHL. Cleaning the lawn and yard turns out to be quite enjoyable for homeowners since these leaf blowers are not noisy at all. They are also equipped with an easy start feature as well; so minimal effort is required to start the engine, and they start immediately. Apart from the amazing features and splendid attachments, the STIHL backpack leaf blowers are also cost-effective.

Things to keep in mind when buying a backpack leaf blower from STIHL

  1. Weight: The average weight of these leaf blowers from STIHL is around 20 pounds, which is not too much. However, carrying them can be a burden for those suffering from a back or spinal problem. Thus, this should be kept in mind when looking for a STIHL leaf blower, and buyers should ensure that it is easy for them to carry the backpack leaf blower.
  2. Energy: Buyers should take note of the energy of the leaf blower since they will be using it to blow leaves and other debris. While most good models from STIHL have a speed of 181 miles per hour, nonetheless, the energy of the leaf blower should be checked before buying.
  3. Type: Different types of backpack leaf blowers are available from STIHL, especially electric and gas-powered leaf blowers. For those going for a gas-powered model, it will become easier to know when it needs to be refueled if they get a model that has a visible gas tank. Usually, the gas-powered models from STIHL will operate for hours on half a liter of fuel.
  4. Easy to use: These leaf blowers are indeed designed to be easy to manipulate and operate. Nonetheless, when buying one, buyers should check the various management buttons of the leaf blower and ensure that they can be easily controlled.

Using a newly purchased backpack leaf blower can take a little getting used to, but the ones from STIHL are so easy to use that homeowners will get used to them within no time. Thus, these reasons are more than enough to make any homeowner want to get a STIHL backpack leaf blower.