What is a Good CFM for a Leaf Blower

Mostly, when you are struggling to select a perfect leaf blower that can fulfill all your gardening requirements, in product description you might have come across a few units of measurements in a leaf blower. These measurements can be abbreviated as MPH, CC, dB, and CFM. Usually, people are not much concerned about leaf blower CFM that is cubic feet per minute, but the experts are those who when trying to get the right leaf blower the first question that clicks their mind is “What is CFM leaf blower”? In this ‘what is a good cfm for a leaf blower review’, here we have discussed the exact meaning of CFM and how it works as an airspeed calculator. Many questions arise in your mind when buying the right leaf blower for your desires.

The most valuable leaf blowers are the one with the best maneuverable, light, and highest possible cfm. The simples meaning of CFM is a measure of how much air you are throwing at the leaves in one minute. So what is the highest cfm leaf blower can produce depends on many other factors like more power lead to high cfm but also increase the weight and noise of blower as well. It affects the price and therefore it is the reason that such a wide range of leaf blowers are on the market. All the branded high-quality leaf blowers strive to extract the highest cfm from a carefully chosen power source and design. The mph rating of the highly-powered leaf blower shows how fast the air moves out of the blower. When the two values, cfm, and mph are combined, generates the high-quality force that can easily remove the stubborn debris and leaves from your gardens. Both of these values cfm and mph are quite different, which can be used to figure out how powerful the blower is.


To have a good start and have a perfect choice, it is very important to have full detailed knowledge of leaf blowers you want to buy and how these units of measurements come into play. Here we have discussed some terms that will help you a lot while choosing best for yourself.


The leaf blower CFM means cubic feet per minute, this calculator measures the volume of air that exerted out of a leaf blower tube in one minute. So eventually a leaf blower with a CFM of 550 can easily push 550 cubic feet of stubborn leaves and debris in very less time. In simple words, the blowing strength or power of any leaf blower is called its CFM. More the powerful blower more will be its CFM airflow.


The MPH value of the leaf blower indicates the speed by which air escapes from the tube in an hour. Increasing our earlier equivalence, MPH is the speed that helps you sweep up the rake of leaves and debris through the area. A leaf blower must have a correct balance of CFM and MPH to match your needs. The blower with a 300 MPH airspeed won’t cover much of an area unless the CFM is high enough.


The cubic centimeters refer to the size and weight of the leaf blower. So, if we say in simple words it is something you can easily hold, carry, or push.


The decibels refer to as measures how loud or noisy a leaf blower is. The more the decibel value the louder the leaf blower is. This is an important value that helps you measure limiting levels of noise pollution, especially in residential areas.

Types of Leaf Blower According to CFM

There are different kinds of leaf blowers that are further differentiated into different types. The different types are handheld leaf blowers, backpack leaf blowers and walk behind leaf blowers that depend on the different measurements of the blower.


The handheld leaf blowers are lighter and least powerful, usually come in leaf blower CFM between 200 to 400. These handheld leaf blowers work quite well with light and dry debris. The new technology leaf blowers are designed with new features that produce CFM as high as 550.

Handheld leaf blowers come in different categories, they can be battery-powered leaf blowers, gas-powered leaf blowers, or electric-powered leaf blowers. The cordless one provides more mobility than the corded one. The handheld leaf blowers are much quieter as they have low mph value.


The backpack leaf blowers are strapped on the back, which is more comfortable when working for a longer period. Mostly the backpack leaf blowers are gas-powered and provide CFM ranging from 400 to 700. There are some best blowers, exceptions, that produces 900 CFM and may be noisier than the handheld ones.


The walk-behind leaf blowers are the beasts, which can produce CFM as high as 3,000 and can push back even small rocks, stubborn rack of debris and leaves, etc. the work that will take you a day to be completed, with help of this blower you complete in few hours. This blower is loud that is more used in an area where you don’t have to use noise lowering feature.


The most important question, which matters more for the efficiency of a leaf blower, CFM vs MPH. so if we assume that you have a small pile of leaves ahead (330 CFM) and leaf blower at a higher speed (100 MPH), on the other side have a larger pile of leaves ahead (480 CFM) sweeping at a lower speed (92 MPH). so according to you which will get the job done faster?

Many of you will be thinking that an MPH is all that matters, but in these two scenarios, a variance of eight isn’t much when you look at a difference of 150 in the CFM. So it is simply that the leaf blower with 480 CFM at 92 MPH will eventually perform the job more efficiently.

What does CFM mean for a leaf blower?

CFM meaning for a leaf blower is blowing strength in cubic feet per minute. CFM means the volume of air that comes out of a leaf blower tube in one minute. CFM for a leaf blower depends on the yards area that needs to be clean and the type of debris that needs to be removed.

What is a good cfm for a leaf blower?

A good cfm for a leaf blower starts from 350 to 600 cfm, respectively with air speed up to 190 mph. So higher the CFM will complete the task quickly and blow the leaves and debris from yard in short time and less effort.

How do you calculate blower cfm?

With help Velocity cfm meter also is called Anemometer, you can calculate your blowers cfm. Airflow is rated in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or the metric equivalent, cubic meters per hour (M3/Hr).

What is the highest CFM leaf blower?

Echo PB-580T is the highest CFM leaf blower with 510 CFM and 215 MPH Backpack Gas Blower. There few other blower with high CFM like Husqvarna 350BT with 495 CFM, Poulan Pro PPBV25 with 450 CFM and Toro 51609 with 390 CFM.

Is cfm or mph more important in a leaf blower?

You need a combination of both MPH and CFM to get the job done, both of these features in leaf blower are significant but we would rate CFM a bit more important than MPH when it comes to measuring the power of leaf blower. But keep in mind the higher the CFM, higher the noise ratio. So Noise can be as important as CFM or MPH in a leaf blower.


Overall, what is a good CFM airflow for a leaf blower? The answer to this question depends on the size of the property you are owning and the kind of stubborn debris you will be working on. The most important one is the noise level set in your area. The CFM and MPH should be taken side by side while choosing the best leaf blower for yourself. You have to buy a leaf blower that should allow good coverage at a maintainable speed. In this what is a good cfm for a leaf blower review, we have mentioned in detail how important the CFM is while buying the best leaf blower for yourself.

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