Troy Bilt TB4HB EC 32cc 4-Cycle Gas Blower Review 2022


The Troy Bilt TB4HB EC 32cc 4-Cycle gas powered leaf blower is perfect for use in a landscaping or lawn care business, or for homeowners who have a large estate to look after. You’ll be able to appreciate the ample fuel tank and impressive systems built into the machine that help you to do your work quickly, efficiently, and without hitch. The Troy-Bilt TB4HB EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower is a very powerful machine, but is still very comfortable and easy to use, so it is also ideal for people who have never owned a leaf blower or similar machine before.

Interested in buying your first leaf blower? If you have used such things before, you probably know what you actually need. If this is the first unit, you will probably feel confused. After all, such things are quite varied. There are hundreds of models and all kinds of features and specifications. Researching one of them at a time will take forever, so stick to the best rated units instead. You’ll have no problem navigating through all its different settings and making small maintenance adjustments on your own. You might also like Troy-Bilt TB4BP backpack leaf blower.

Features of Troy-Bilt TB4HB EC 4-Cycle Blower

These are the following features of this Troy-Bilt leaf blower that differentiate this amazing product from its rivals:

Power and Manufacturing

Troy-Bilt TB4HB EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower is built using only the best materials. The TB4HB EC is easy to use and is reliable–from spring cleanup through fall leaf collection. The innovative engine and backpack construction make it ideal for small and middle businesses too. It is lightweight and can ensure a continuous use due to its operational standards.

Noise and Handling

The vacuum kit is capable of turning 10 bags of leaves into one. The Troy Bilt TB4HB EC 32cc 4 Cycle Backpack Blower has an ergonomic design that helps to distribute the weight of the machine easily across your body so you’ll be able to work longer and smarter without tiring out or letting your muscles become fatigued.

Flexible Tube

Long flex tube allows operator to maneuver around and under objects. Troy Bilt TB4HB EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower is certainly a top-notch solution for your residential cleaning needs.

Performance and SpringAssist System

Think about the JumpStart engine feature too. Troy Bilt TB4HB EC benefits from the proprietary SpringAssist starting system. The Troy-Bilt TB4HB EC benefits from the proprietary SpringAssist starting system. Annoyed by the necessity to pull cords? Forget about it and stick to the JumpStart technology instead. As for the total speed, the blower can go up to 150MPH. It makes a good cleaning tool for gutters or even the roof. It is ergonomic and built to deliver, yet the extra accessories are worth some attention as well.


It comes with a 32cc 4-cycle engine that delivers a top-notch performance. You should know that while this model has an engine starter, it is not included in the package and must be bought separately. It does not cost a fortune though. Other than that, not even the 150MPH speed and the 500CFM volume can blow dead leaves and debris off grass surfaces. Instead, you have to use this model on hard surfaces only.

Troy-Bilt TB4HB EC 4-Cycle Blower Review

  • In the expected price range
  • SpringAssist™ Technology
  • Decent Tank (14 fl. oz.)
  • Decent Weight (11 lbs)
  • Decent CFM (450 CFM)
  • Low MPH (150 MPH)


The fun thing is that this TROY-BILT TB4BP does not mix oil and gas. On the other hand, convenience and comfort are defined by the Coolflex backpack construction. It can prevent tiredness and exhaustion, but it also keeps you cool and prevents excessive sweating. The throttle can be fixed at any speed, so you dont need to hold the trigger for big jobs. Just like Makita XBU02PT1 blower with 120mph is the one which has the fastest air speed.


It is no surprise why Troy Bilt TB4HB EC 4-cycle blower is so well rated over the Internet. You’ll be able to tackle a variety of different spaces and be able to clean hard to reach spots like corners and underneath objects and lawn furniture with more ease. All of these features combine to make the ultimate leaf blower is something you’re sure to appreciate during your fall yard work. This Backpack Leaf Blower is rated 4.3 out of 5. You can also check Amazon Customer Reviews of this product by clicking the button below, if you aren’t satisfied yet. We wish you all the best for the future. You might also like Troy Bilt TB27BV leaf blower with similar features.



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