Toro 51619 Super Electric Leaf Blower Review 2022

The Toro 51619 is an outstanding blower and a leaf mulcher that comes in All-in-One elegant design that extends up to 41 inches in length. It’s an electric leaf blower that will let you clean your entire yard without worrying about battery power because it works directly when plugged into an electric socket. It works quite different than other electric leaf blowers because it ensures flawless movement.

It comes with the metal impeller that will help you to shred leaves and Debris into small pieces so that you can easily collect them in a bag. Its powerful motor delivers up to 250 mph of maximum airspeed which is fastest among all leaf blowers. It will push all the leaves and debris far away than many of the popular leaf blowers in the market.

You will also get a variable speed control in this Toro leaf blower so that you can adjust the airspeed according to the cleaning job. This outstanding blower comes with multiple air tubes that make this blower efficient for a variety of purposes. It’s designed to connect flawlessly with the extension cord so that you can effectively clean your yard while moving on a greater distance.

Features of Toro 51619 ultra-blower/vac

Several amazing features of Toro ultra 51619 Leaf Blower need your attention if you are looking for a powerful machine for your yard.

3 in 1 machine

The Toro leaf blower 51619 is a three in one machine that works as an efficient vacuum, blower, and a leaf shredder at the same time. It will handle all the cleaning related jobs more effectively as you will be able to switch several modes of this blower for a variety of purposes is depending upon the complexity of the job.

Variable speed controller

If you want better control then the variable speed controller is a very crucial feature that will enable more control over this powerful machine.

Metal impeller

It comes within you larger metal impeller which is capable to mulch all the leaves and amorous effectively. Up to 88% of the debris mulched will be reduced less than half an inch with its metal impeller.

Cord Lock System

It has a built-in cord lock system that will help you to keep the code attached to the vacuum or blower during Harsh cleaning jobs. It also has a cord storage hook that will help you to wrap the extension cold around the blower for convenient storage.

Toro 51619 Leaf Blower Review

  • Affordable Price.
  • Powerful airspeed up to 250 mph.
  • Strong Metal Impeller.
  • Durable Vacuum bag.
  • Easy and Convenient storage.
  • Handles are a bit uncomfortable for prolonged use.

Why you should buy the Toro 51619 blower?

The Toro 51619 is an affordable leaf blower with a lot of nice features, including vacuuming and mulching capabilities, speed variability and multiple air tubes for a variety of different jobs. It also has the fastest air speeds of any blower we looked at, which is partly due to power generated from its corded design. While the cord provides power, it also limits its mobility. A long extension cord will go a long way in stretching across a yard, and it will do a good job of clearing leaves and debris from your yard.


Sku 51619
Brand Toro
Power Engine
Air Speed (Mph) 250
Amperage 12
Speed Control Variable
Impeller Metal
Max. Air Flow (CFM)(Blow Mode) 350
Max. Air (CFM)(Vac Mode) 410
UL Listed Standard
Vacuum Capability Standard
Weight (lbs.) 8.5


We hope there isn’t any confusion left about this powerful electric blower. We have tried our best to cover all aspects of this Toro ultra-blower vac 51619, so that you can take your final decision without making your mind puzzle. If you have a medium-sized yard then you should consider buying this blower/vacuum, we are quite sure it will handle all the cleaning related jobs without disappointing you. If you want more information related to its usage then you should check Toro ultra-blower vac 51619 manual carefully. You might also look at Toro 51618 Super Electric Leaf Blower.



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