Toro 51701 Super Electric Leaf Blower Review 2022

toro 51618 super leaf blower vac Review

Looking for Toro 51701 Super Electric Leaf Blower. It’s an outstanding 3 in 1 powerful blower, high-speed vacuum and a leaf shredder that delivers 225mph of airspeed. It’s a quite powerful blower that will easily handle all the cleaning related tasks in your small to the medium-sized yard. There is a two-speed motor used in this blower that makes convenient for you to switch between blower and a vacuum instantly.

Its powerful airspeed will be enough to clean sticks, debris and heavy leaves from your yard while giving it a clean look. As compared to other 3 in 1 blowers, it can easily convert into an aggressive vacuum without any need of tools. Many people are often concerned about the mulcher quality of leaf blowers, well when it comes to Toro 51701 super blower then it can easily reduce 81% of the all mulched debris into less than a half-inch which is quite impressive.

This means that it will reduce 10 bags of leaves into one with its powerful mulching power. There isn’t any powerful blower than Toro super blower vac 51618 because of its excellent cleaning quality. If we talk a little bit about its power then impressively it works great on hard surfaces while removing dust, leaves and grass clippings that are often hard to clean with a low power blower. You can adjust its speed with its two-speed controller that will help you to clean your yard without damaging plants and flowers around.

Now if we discuss its price, in this advanced era of technology and competition, it’s hard to find a leaf blower that delivers excellent quality at an affordable price, so Toro 51701 has a very reasonable price that everyone can afford without compromising on its features. If you were searching for an honest Toro 51701 leaf blower review, then don’t skip anything in this article till end as we have provided step by step complete buying guide.

Features of Toro 51701 Blower/Vacuum

These are the following outstanding features of Toro leaf blower 51618 super blower that you will certainly enjoy after buying it.

12 Amps Powerful Electric Motor

It has a powerful 12 amp motor that never disappoints because of its 225mph airspeed which will be quite enough to clear debris and heavy leaves. There is also a speed control system in this blower that helps you to clean hard and tight areas around your yard. You can increase its motor speed for grassy areas where airspeed is needed.

Easy to Convert

It’s a 3 in 1 machine so it’s very easy to convert it from a blower to a high-speed vacuum without any tools.

Leaf Reduction

In Toro model 51618, there is a powerful mulcher that will surely reduce leaves and debris up to 81%.

Cord Lock System

There is a cord lock system in this blower that will ensure that the cord is locked for long cleaning operations.

Toro 51618 Super Electric Leaf Blower Reviews

  • Solid power for tough operations.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Comes at affordable price.
  • Impressive performance.
  • Excellent airspeed.
  • Plastic material has been used in the impeller.


If you want to buy a powerful blower without facing any hassles of poor performance then Toro leaf blower would be a great choice for you. We can defiantly recommend this powerful blower; however, if you compare Toro 51701 vs 51619 then we will recommend both of them according to your budget.



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