Toro PowerPlex 51690 Brushless 40V Leaf Blower Review 2022

Toro 51609 Leaf Blower Review

Today, more manufacturers are trying to create leaf blowers for multiple purposes and they have the ability to not only to vacuum debris but also leaf as well. They can blow and sweep from the driveways and sidewalks. One of the latest and most significant is Toro 51690 Ultra 12amp Leaf Blower model that can give you so many benefits and saves your money for not buying two or three separate vacuum machines and you can also get to store the yard vacuum as well.

This a rare kind of model who is different functions with infinite air control, mulching, handheld and could work in any form you want for your house needs. With this model stay in your homes you don’t need to do any physical exercises that take hours and still can’t get the job done. Who doesn’t want a reliable and powerful leaf blower that you enjoy completing lawn or yard work and also with great speed per hour.

When you compare this model to others then you will see there are new improvements, it is quieter, lighter, and cleans perfectly. Toro 51690 Ultra cordless Electric Blower/Vacuum can give you the convenience of three in one style which is enough to grab the attention of your neighbor. While you can also check Toro 51621 Ultra plus leaf blower oscillating nozzle for air sweep and best cord lock system.

Features of Toro 51690 Ultra Variable-Speed Blower

There are a lot of new features you will get to see once you utilize it for right purpose. It is the most powerful model with 240 MPH air stream and used high quality materials that you can expect from a Toro leaf blower which will last for many years to come. Here are some of the amazing features of it such as,

  • Offers 3 in 1 functions from leaf shredder, vacuum, and blower
  • Can adjust the substantial volume of the leaves to control air speed up to 400 CFM
  • Variable motor speed for better control and impeller metal for creating mulching
  • Quick re-release blower
  • Offers blower tubes, power unit and large vacuum bag
  • Lightweight and reduce fatigue
  • Can easily switch between working
  • Easy storage option
  • 12 pounds item weight
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty

Toro 51609 Ultra 12amp Leaf Blower Reviews

  • Very low noise (67dB)
  • High speed (480MPH)
  • Lightweight (8.4 lbs)
  • Equipped with a quick-release latch
  • The Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51609 doesn’t have any notably low specs yet.


Unlike many other leaf blowers this one comes with various accessories because being as an effective and powerful makes it more fun and easy to clean yard or lawns. Those house owners who find difficulty in cleaning up leaves should get the job done in no time using some of the Toro 51690 Ultra Blower 12amp Electric Vacuum with Metal Impeller tools, here are some accessories:

1) Air concentrator nozzle
2) Cord storage hook
3) Can be operate manually or automatically
4) Comes with vacuum bag and tube
5) Sharp and light main tube


Some people prefers to have gas or electric leaf blowers but still they are at low performance because of the limited cord and limit the fumes of the maintenance. But best Toro 51690 Ultra 12 amp Variable-Speed cordless blower is very manageable and makes easy on your back or at shoulder. It is a perfect next generation leaf blower for you and your lawns.

Final Words

Toro 51690 Ultra 12 amp Leaf Blower is a powerhouse when it comes meeting your expectation. You can use it as professionally or for personal usage as well. What are you waiting for folks, pick this one and see how much it is worth of your time.





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