Toro 51585 Electric Leaf Blower Review 2022

Toro 51585 is a powerful electric leaf blower that generates a powerful airspeed of 160 mph that ensures excellent performance while cleaning yards. It’s a lightweight leaf blower that weighs around 4.65 pounds which is quite ideal for long operations as it will impose less stress and pressure on your arms.

Many people believe that lightweight leaf blowers are not efficient enough for clearing leaves and debris from sidewalks and driveways, well that’s not true because in this modern era the performance of any machine is not dependent on its weight and size. Toro power sweep electric blower 51585 offers excellent airspeed with its powerful 7.0amp motor along with two-speed air control for versatile performance.

This product includes two years of warranty that will secure your hard-earned money. The air control switch which is used in Toro 51585 electric leaf blower is located on the bottom of its handle you so that you don’t need to hesitate while changing its airspeed for different types of operations. You can easily blow leaves away, then vacuum them and gather them in a small bag that will make easy for you to complete your cleaning job.

Unlike most of the leaf blowers that require a lot of energy during cleaning, Toro makes easy for anyone to hold it for prolonged time especially for elderly people who don’t have enough energy. This amazing leaf blower it is known for its ideal weight because it saves hours of strain on your back without compromising on its quality of work because 160 mph is an ideal airflow that you will get in any leaf blower costs greater than Toro 51585. Similarly you may also like Toro 51609 Ultra 12-AMP Leaf Blower offers blower tubes, power unit and large vacuum bag.

Features of Toro 51585

We are providing you complete step by step guide and detailed review of this Toro 51585. These are the following stunning features of Toro power sweep 51585 that will clear a lot of confusions and myths.

Powerful airspeed

It offers a powerful airspeed of 160 mph which can be adjusted with its speed controller. If you are planning to clean your small and medium-sized yard with this leaf blower then Toro 51585 power sweep is an ultimate option as no other leaf blower can replace its outstanding performance.

Lightweight design

It has a lightweight design that makes easy for anyone to use this leaf blower for prolong cleaning operations. It’s up to you whether you want to clean leaves and Debris from sideways of your home or your backyard, its portable design will let you finish your cleaning job without becoming tired.

Airspeed controller

You will get airspeed controller on bottom of its handle that will make easy for you to adjust its airspeed between 130 mph 160 mph depending upon the complexity of the cleaning job.

2 years warranty

Toro offers an extended warranty of two years which will be from the manufacturer side so that you can return this product if you are facing any sort of problem in the working of this leaf blower.Toro 51585 Electric Leaf Blower Reviews

  • Lightweight
  • Powerful airspeed
  • Comfortable handling
  • Adjustable speed controller
  • Ideal for prolong cleaning jobs
  • Underpowered for large yards

What Option is Best for you to choose Toro 51585 Electric Leaf Blower?

If you love your garden, yard or at lawns then you should equipped with Toro 51585 Electric Leaf Blower which one can prove beneficial in many ways like lightweight and cheaper then other blowers.

Final Words

The Toro 51585 leaf blower is at top position in our recommended list. It is lightweight blower, and should be considered only if you have lighter cleaning jobs to do. The low air speed offers greater control in small areas. The Toro Electric Leaf Blower should be on your best list of possible blowers.



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