Top Ten Hand Forged Stainless Steel Garden Tools

For the highest quality of garden tools, purchase hand forged stainless steel. We will discuss top ten hand forged stainless steel garden tools. Why? Because they are the most durable and they won’t rust… One company here in the United States and many in the United Kingdom still make tools the old fashioned way, with a Blacksmith a forged fire and an anvil. Hand forging makes tools much more durable, lasting longer and of better quality. Here are my picks for the finest in my opinion of the best in hand forged garden stainless steel garden tools.

Top Ten Hand Forged Stainless Steel Garden Tools

Red Pig: producer of hand forged garden implements for over fifteen years. Located in the state of Oregon in the United States it’s the only blacksmith shop that specializes in hand forged garden tools for the home gardener, nurserymen, landscaper and farmer. All tools are made by hand on a forged fire and with a hammered anvil using the finest steel available. This company will also custom make tools in their blacksmith shop. Services also include repair, re – handling and sharpening of tools that are built stronger to last longer for a lifetime of service.

Corona: regarded by some as the cream of the crop, with its re – sharpen able forged steel alloy blades that are heat treated for strength giving them scissor cutting action with non- slip grips.

Radius: Ultra light and super strong, made with professional quality stainless steel the blades are heat tempered for strength and with an advanced ergonomic design they maximize power and minimize stress and strain on the wrist and hands.

Sneeboer Tools: Hand forged and crafted in Holland, they are the makers of a standard range of forged garden tools a will customized if needed. Blades are well made from the finest stainless steel and handles from the finest wood.

Rollins Bulldog: English makers of fine high quality garden tools for over 200 years that are hand forged fro strength.

Snow& Nealley: Makers of high quality garden tools since 1864. European designed and made of high quality carbon steel with Ash wood handles, the hand forging ensures durability.

Sheaths Gardening Tools: Made from hot rolled British Steel, each tool is lightweight and each blade has a unique cutting action, handles are made from German Beechwood and fitted to the blades with rivets and washers, providing excellent balance.

Rittenhouse: Over 85 years of providing high quality professional stainless steel tools and equipment.

Hortus Ornemeld: makers of fine hand made high quality garden tools and accessories, their antique designs give remembrance of by – gone eras.

Ryobi: exceptional tools and performance for the money