Top 10 Best Leaf Blower Reviews & Guide 2020

Often untidy driveways and porches make your house look pathetic from the outside if it is even clean from the inside. You must remove all stubborn debris and leaves to complement the appearance of your house. A simple task of collecting leaves becomes frantic when using a broom, takes up the entire weekend just using a rake to collect debris and leaves then piles them and bag them. But if you have a simple machine then it will help you ease your tasks. One of the best machines for collecting leaves was invented in the 1970s, the leaf blower for cleaning up your yards and gardens. However, the traditional method had been raked to remove leaves and debris for years but when there is more amount of debris and leaves it difficult for you to clean with the help of rakes. This is the time where the best cordless leaf blowers kick in.

If you are planning to spend your weekend by cleaning your yard using ordinary vacuum cleaners that takes so much time and still you haven’t finished your job. Then it is time you should go for Cordless leaf blower that can finish the work quite faster and perfectly. Nobody likes falling leaves in the their yard or lawns you should keep them clean as always but using usually vacuum cleaners can limit the usage of your time and money, Plugging then power outlet can becoming nuisance while passing through every obstacle from trees.

Any person who owns a large or small lawn can understand the hassle of raking the lawn for many hours and all your muscles will leave aching. How it would feel when you invite some friends to the party, birthdays or for any other special event and holding the special occasion in yard or lawn could make you embarrassed for not clearing the entire area. To save energy and time you should either consider renting a leaf blower or buy your own that can quickly remove leaves with less physical efforts.

Toro 51621 Ultra plus Leaf Blower Vacuum

Toro 51621 Ultra plus Best Leaf Blower Vacuum

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 250MPH
Air Volume : 350CFM
Weight : 8.9 lbs
Power Source : Corded/Electric

Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf Blower Review

Hitachi RB24EAP Best Cordless Leaf Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 170MPH
Air Volume : 441CFM
Weight : 8.6 lbs
Power Source : Gas Powered

Greenworks 40V 150 MPH Leaf Blower Review

Greenworks 40V 150MPH Cordless Leaf Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 150MPH
Air Volume : 135CFM
Weight : 3.39 lbs
Voltage : 40V

WORX AIR 20V 2.0AH Battery + Charger Blower Review

WORX AIR 20V 2.0AH Battery + Charger Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 120MPH
Air Volume : 80CFM
Weight : 22.4 lbs
Voltage : 20V

Makita BBX7600 Commercial Grade Leaf Blower Review

Makita BBX7600 Commercial Grade Leaf Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 195MPH
Air Volume : 526CFM
Weight : 22.4 lbs
Fuel Type : Unleaded Gas

Top 10 Best Leaf Blower Reviews and Buyer Guide 2020

1- Toro 51621 Ultra plus Leaf Blower VacuumToro 51621 Leaf Blower Review

There is a reason why this leaf blower is considered as a number one leading blower with highest performance it has unlimited potential to do a lot of cleaning from gardens, lawns. It has 3 vacuum machines built in with leaf shredder to automatically sweep the air back and blow side to cut grass and leaves in no time. You don’t need to remove your hands too much, let it do its job when you activate it,

This one can perform at high speed and also oscillate nozzles and debris perfectly. This could be your best option to replace the old vacuum cleaner that keeps you busy setting it or changing batteries. You can do yourself a favor and pick this one that can do the job done in no time and also comes in manual parts to upgrade it for further use. Mark my words dear readers this could be your lifetime leaf blower once you get your hands on this one and see how much it will be worth it. Its is best corded leaf blower with lightweight and easy to handle. Cordless leaf blower vs corded leaf blower have their own features and benefits but if your are searching for corded leaf blower then Toro 51621 is best corded leaf blower.

It is one of the best and amazing home tools till date that you can use for any cleaning purposes.

  • Easy to Use
  • Good Power Output
  • Well Balanced Feel
  • Light weight with less noise
  • Great for dislodging acorns in the grass.
  • Breaks Down
  • Heavy/Bulky
  • Switching can be hard
  • Bagging in vacuum mode is awkward..
  • Poor ergonomics, handling in VAC mode


Good air speed up to 250 MPH, leaf shredding 98%, vacuum capability standard and so much more.

You will be surprised to see that this product has taken many people by storm and also open new doors as becoming next generation vacuum cleaner/blower/sweeper as well. for more info check our full review of Toro 51621 Ultra plus Leaf Blower Vacuum to get a better picture of this one.

2- Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf BlowerHitachi rb24eap leaf blower reviews

The Hitachi leaf blower is a truly compact gas powered leaf blower that can make your job easy and comes with consumer warranty as well. Unlike other leaf blowers it can run and give you accuracy in time. You don’t need to add oil to mix with it but simply enjoy this not only for your homes but for outdoor purposes as well.

This is designed with one of the best Hitachi machines that can blow the debris from 20 feet in 18.67 seconds. With the farthest distance of any other leaf blower you will come across. If you want to spend your money then why think smart and choose that is not only reliable but also cost effective in every way to give you results.

  • Handheld blower
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight (8.6 lbs)
  • Variable speed settings
  • Great for dislodging acorns in the grass.
  • No vacuuming, mulching abilities
  • A little loud, Noise (87 dB)
  • Not low cost


Lightweight, easy handling, auto switch reset mode, low engine emission, fuel tank capacity, 15.6 ounces.

This product is most reliable for small yards and you can check out its entire review to get the better idea how much this model will bring convenience for your gardening problems. You can get your hands on this by reading our full review of Hitachi RB24EAP leaf blower in details.

3- Greenworks 40V 150 MPH Leaf BlowerGreenworks 40V 150 MPH Leaf Blower Review

This green works leaf blower is something special and brings something wonderful tot eh table. It is light weighted, comes at reasonable price, standard removable battery, the best seller on Amazon products list. It is also cordless one and you won’t need to fill it with gas or fuel. It is compatibly electric and has its own unique benefits once you starting to get the hold of it you see the performance and has enough power to get the job done in time.

Most consumers has their complaints about the functionality and flexibility to clean their gardens takes a lot of time and they get tired but not get the clear picture, but thanks to this superb worx turbine fusion leaf blower your struggle stops because this one relies on less power and gives you authentic performance. With huge pile of wet leaves it can turn the ground into soft surface.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to operatet
  • Variable speed settings
  • High speed up to 150MPH
  • Easy maintenance, low noise
  • Battery based leaf blower
  • Not for businesses and large environments
  • Low work with grass surfaces


Light weight, in chargeable battery, supports G-max 40 volts system, air speed up to 140 MPH, made with 2 pieces of blower tubes.

If you wish to utilize it for other purposes like, cutting fresh grass then you can easily do it, also you can clean dryer vent or your garage and house rooms, for more details check out our full review of this Green works 40V 150 MPH leaf blower product.

4– Toro 51609 Ultra 12amp Leaf BlowerToro 51609 Ultra 12amp Leaf Blower Review

This is a very effective and powerful ultra 3 in 1 leaf blower, leaf shredder, and vacuum. It can make your job easy to complete any type of yard task whether the mud is too thick, soft, or wet. Now you don’t need to wait for sunset to blow leaves instead try to focus the task at hand and with its 230 MPH airflow electric power you can certainly give your neighbor a tough competition as who is best gardener of the backyard.

The most amazing thing about this product that you will get separate paper like box where you can dump all the leaves and you no longer have to carry them with your hands. This can make your cleaning leaves and cutting grass even easier. It is a very efficient and clean product that is made with state of the art technology and specifically for the house holders.

  • Easy to handle and use
  • Great variable speed options
  • 3in1, blower, vacuum, and mulcher
  • Sleek, Ergonomic Design
  • Powerful Performance
  • May need an Extension Cord for Outdoor use
  • Quite heavy at 12lbs
  • Zippered bag makes it hard to empty into leaf bags


Offers 3 in 1 versatility, control air volume and air speed manually, comes in separate pieces, smooth handling, suitable for larger yards.

Once you get your hands on this cheap cordless leaf blower you will certainly love it and also make everyone happy by calling them for dinner parties for outdoors and no longer need to be embarrassed in these situations.

You check out the full comparison of this Toro 51609 Ultra 12 amp leaf blower product compare to other in our full review.

5- Greenworks 9Amp 130MPH Leaf BlowersGreenworks 9Amp 130MPH Leaf Blowers Review

Everyone just loves to cut the grass or blow off the leaves from their lawns or yard. But you can’t simply tell a little kid to do that, you have to do it for yourself, how will you become a successful gardener if you can’t simply have the right equipment to complete the task in time.

Not many people would prefer to cut all the grass using scissors that will be time consuming and also you can get fatigue. Allow me to help you by giving you this easy to clean debris products. This green works electric leaf blower has gained so many attentions over the past years and can be your first choice when you turn to be a gardener. I suggest wait no longer folks and grab this amazing looking product that can give you so many results.

  • Lightweight (5.6 lbs)
  • High CFM (530 CFM)
  • Relatively quiet and Powerfull
  • Variable speed control
  • Easy maintenance
  • A perfect leaf blower for your yard, garden and other cleaning areas, it has no specified error or corns yet.


Cord locks, designed with dual handle system, easy to maneuver, suitable for both small and larger areas cleanup, and many more.

You no longer have to wait for something miracle to happen, until you make your minds and do it yourself. With this new and improved model in your hands you can clip grass, remove leaves, and also debris as well with 9 AMP power motor.

For full review check out Green works 9 Amp 130 MPH leaf blowers about that makes it different from others while using.

6- WORX AIR 20V 2.0AH Battery + Charger BlowerWORX AIR 20V 2.0AH Battery + Charger Blower Review

If you want to own a powerful leaf blower with long battery life then this is the perfect model you can get. You will see once you use it for your personal usage and also you no longer have t charge for quite a while. It is made with special tools to meet your expectation to clean leaves and not leave any single leaf on the ground.

This one looks very small, but has is a powerhouse with 2.0 AH battery that can be quickly charged and also designed with modern trend that comes with efficiency. The best part it is that you will not get tired its lightweight will keep you on rolling to complete work and then rest.

  • Turbine 20V Leaf blower
  • 20V MaxLithium batteries
  • Charging time less then 5hours
  • Light weight machine (5.7lbs)
  • A perfect leaf blower for your yard, garden and other cleaning areas, it has no specified error or corns yet.


Fatigue free, lightweight, small deign, 20 volts charged battery, works for long time, easy handling, great for big and larger yards or gardens.

Do yourself a favor and go for this, it will not only give you new expectation but also makes cleaning more easily like never before. There is a reason why this product has sold more than thousand online and still people are buying it, for more info check out our full review of WORX AIR 20V 2.0AH Battery + Charger blower.

7- BLACK + DECKER LSW-36 (40V) Lithium Ion Cordless SweeperBLACK + DECKER LSW-36 40V Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper Review

Easily the best choice as best quality leaf blower that has sleek and unique design, not many people appreciate the noise of leaf blower, where this one comes in and give your low noise reduction and also can clear debris even from hard surfaces. Sounds interesting right guys, there is a reason why this product is so much famous for middle class people who wants to own a yard but afraid because they think they will not take the responsibility in hands.

For those people I highly recommend that you should think smart and pick up this original item which is best for so many things like, decks, patios, and sidewalks. You can choose and set the max runtime and max power according to your needs and also be preparing to dive into the something special once you clean leaves and cut grass falling from trees.

Let’s just face the fact, there is a lot to do when it comes to house cleaning or blowing leaf. But with this black + Decker product at your side you will have the power to do more in just one single charge.

  • Provides up to 120 mph air speed
  • Powered by lithium ion battery
  • Low noise level
  • With blow tube and user manual
  • Power Command control
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Variable power setting
  • Long battery life
  • Does not well on grassy surface
  • No variable voltage option
  • Louder than other leaf blowers
  • Has less ergonomic handle
  • Has vibrations


Comes with 130 MPH vacuum and sweep power, can clean garages, decks, and driveways, high performance with long battery life, indicator shows battery time and charge level, manually control speed for run time and includes fast charging in less than 80 minutes, light weight and quickly blows debris.

For more info check our complete review of this BLACK+DECKER LSW36 40V Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper to get the better idea of how much it would prove beneficial for your cleaning needs.

8- BLACK+DECKER BV5600 Leaf BlowerBLACK+DECKER BV5600 Leaf Blower Review

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous and top class product today is black + Decker leaf blower that has the potential to be called the leading examples of cleaning yards, gardens, small parks and so much more. You can get this item for both commercial and personal reasons. It has the more than 260 MPH blowing power and with high level of performance it can give solid results in no time.

Unlike other usually blowers this one has the capacity to turn into different styles and could be your ultimate solution for cleaning house dirt, dust, cutting grass, (wet), and clean leaves. It is designed with high impactful metal grinding piece that can mulch with perfect shredding scores and leave no trail on the ground.

You can move freely with this one tie on your shoulder, and can equip with your hands from shoulder. Just start it and let it do the work for you.

  • 3in1 device, Blower, Vacuum and Mulcher
  • Powerful speed and motor for maximum performance
  • ​Finely grinds mulch to a single bag
  • ​Features special nozzles so that you can use the machine for performing various jobs
  • Durable metal fan
  • Easy to switch between tools
  • Quite heavy (8.1 lbs)
  • Acceptable Noise (68 dB)
  • Long cord required


High performance of 13 MPH, three in one blower, keeps the lawn tidy and clean, 60% quieter while blowing, metal fan prevents clogging while mulching, grind up more than 15 bags, choose two types of speed selection for flower plucking or leaf shredding.

There is a saying that you can’t believe until you’ve seen from your eyes, trust me once you buy this product you no longer have to worry about anything. The outcome will give you results the way you want it. You can check our full review about BLACK+DECKER BV5600 leaf blower to get the better idea how much this will mean once you buy it from the market.

9- BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 Sweeper/VacBLACK+DECKER LSWV36 Leaf Blower review

We all know that lawn or yard care requires having several tools like, leaf blowers, sweepers, and vacuums are come some of the common ones. You can buy them separately but the cost will just increase, you also have to consider the fact the amount of storage you will need for yard maintenance. Then your best option is to purchase 3 in 1 black + Decker LSWV36 that has the capability of giving you convenience and ease everything you could hope for.

It is a product that can be used for multiple purposes from hoses to big commercial parks who always needs to cut grass on weekly basis. This is a lightest model available in the market right now that can give you some advantages over others in comparison. It is quite easy to maneuver and easy to use. It supports rechargeable battery and delivers runtime of more than 2 weeks on regular use. It also produces less noise and smoke while running longer period of time.

Being as lightweight shows that this one could exceeds the expectation of its owner who has little knowledge about having personal garden or lawn.

  • Lightweight (5.4 lbs)
  • POWERBOOST Technology
  • Low noise rated 65dBA
  • Easy use without extension cords
  • Quick and easy clearing of debris
  • Ideal for blowing driveways, sidewalks, decks, garages
  • Low CFM (90 CFM)
  • Low MPH (120 MPH)
  • Low Autonomy (30 mins)


Simple to control and maneuver, lightweight, soft gripping, comfortable handling, can easily be converted between sweeper and vacuum, durable plastic impeller, perfect for lawn maintenance.

For more information check our full review of BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 Sweeper/Vac that particularly shows all the complete details along with significant number of features as well.

10- Makita BBX7600 Commercial Grade Leaf BlowerMakita BBX7600 Commercial Grade Leaf Blower Review

In order to clear the large areas of falling leaves or debris of garden, this is a backpack leaf blower and vacuum cleaner that has all the complete elements to meet your expectations. This Makita backpack leaf blower is certainly a powerhouse with 80.5CC engine made with iron cylinder that can works for both automatic and manual operating. It also has some significant number of improvements with four stroke engine, that deliver max air flow and with great rpm response.

With this in your side you can certainly cover wide areas while moving freely to even a tiny corner to take out leaves. The engine could boost the lubrication and separate oil tank for stable and smooth running. The great thing about this is that, it will not get complex or stuck while working in the yard.

With a full powered and over grown body structure of 11.0 kg with fitted pipes, you can easily carry it with lower vibration that reduces the fatigue ratio as well. It also comes with a pad that makes even more comfortable while wearing and aim correctly.

  • Decompression system for easy starting
  • Easy access oil filling port and drain plug
  • Powerful, durable, and high-quality product
  • Little bit noisy device


Comes with 4 stoke engine, light weight, compelling design, great covering larger areas, less noise reduction, control over handling, work smooth, does not require oil mixture, recoil enhanced.

If you want to know the full review of this product check out Makita BBX7600 Commercial Grade leaf blower to get everything you has been hoping for. After all reading everything with details would help you decide the right one for you.

Final Verdict

After reading all the cordless leaf blower reviews and buyers guide I am pretty sure you can imagine how much convenient and reliable these products can be, each one of them has their own special ability and power usage to meet your expectations. While you are starting to think to put a lawn or garden or already own one then you must buy one of them that suits your needs and ready to clear them out in no time.

It is all about staying up to date with latest ongoing trends that can certainly prove beneficial and you can keep your houses neat and clean with leaf blower, rather than yelling over a complex vacuum cleaner who always cost you hundred bucks for a month in repairing, why not invest for a better future that will stick to you for a long time, also won’t cost any extra money as well.

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