The High Quality of Antique Garden Tools

We will let you know about the high quality of antique garden tools. There are people who collect antiques because of their history, and others because of their aesthetic value, but in the case of antique garden tools, many people like them because they’re durable, reliable, and get the job done. Few modern tools will still be in working order in 100 years like the antique ones are today. Newer garden tools are made of machine-forged stainless steel and metal parts along with cheaper plastic handles and accessories, and they aren’t going to last for five years under any kind of heavy use. It’s frustrating to be working with a tool and have some flimsy part of it break off right in the middle of the job.

Handmade by Real Craftsmen

Antique garden tools were built to last. Skilled blacksmiths and craftsmen fashioned the tools by hand and took pride in the products they made. In fact, when they built something, they intended that it would last long enough to be passed down through generations. People today have gotten tired of the cheap, flimsy tools being produced in modern factories. They know that if they can get hold of fine, old tools, they’ll have something they can rely on.

There’s no doubt that antique garden tools were made to last. Just look at the strong metals and solid hardwoods used in their construction. You won’t find anything like that made today. Back then they were designed to be durable. People did a great deal of work by hand, and they needed tools they could rely on. If you’ve ever visited a museum where there are a lot of antiques, you find all kinds of unique tools that are totally foreign to modern life. Take, for example the glass cucumber straightener. By the way, how many cucumbers have you straightened lately?

A Trip Back in History

Are you lucky enough to have antique garden tools which were handed down in your family? Maybe you even have some that family members still use. Possibly you bought an older home and found some tools in the attic or shed. All of these old pieces can shed light on the history of your family or the history of the house in which they were found.

Old curved sickles provide a fascinating look into our past. These antique garden tools were used to harvest hay by hand. Can you imagine what that would do to your back? However, the hay was necessary, because it became feed for cattle and horses. Another cool trick they used to do with hay was to lay a blanket of it between the rows of their gardens. That cover would hold down the weeds and thus save them from another back breaking job. Other items you might find in a museum include folding saws, metal seed scatterers and berry pickers, and a ring barking too.

Do you have any antique garden tools that are just lying around your garage collecting dust? Wipe them off carefully (never clean them), and take them to have them appraised. You might be surprised at what some of them can be worth. A local museum might be willing to appraise them for you in return for your allowing them to display the tools. Many people enjoy looking at these vintage tools, and getting a glimpse of times gone by.