STIHL Leaf Blower Reviews 2022 – Tips and Buying Guide

Among the different leaf blowers in the market the Stihl leaf blowers are extremely popular among the customers, especially those who own homes, which have big yards or yards with lots of leaves to blow away. The owners of leaf blowers often recommend STIHL due to its high power and performance. But is it just about the power or is there something more that makes the leaf blower users love the blowers of this brand?

The most common thing that the users like is the power. People’s comments are mostly praising towards the brilliant power of the blower. The leaf blowers from this brand, Stihl, out-power many other reputed brands in the market.

The Stihl Leaf Blower is one of the most popular tools the Stihl Company produces. Stihl products have been around since the early 1900s. The founder Andreas Stihl was born in Zurich in 1896. The first product was a chainsaw, it debuted in 1930. By 1971 they had produced one and a half million Stihl chainsaws. Over the years the product line grew to include leaf blowers as well many other tools. This website will give you detailed information on Stihl Leaf Blowers.

Today Stihl produces many useful tools. Their line of products has grown to include wet dry vacs, chainsaws, trimmers, blowers and much more. Their blowers are available in handheld and backpack models, some are designed for industrial use and others for house hold use. There are eight handheld models and six backpack blower to choose from. They vary in size, weight and capabilities. Some are electric and others run on gasoline. Stihl has a reputation for producing high-quality durable tools. There is sure to be one suitable for your job.

Top 8 Best STIHL Leaf Blower reviews 2022

There are many Stihl blowers available with different features and capabilities. The handheld models include:

1. STIHL BG-55 Leaf Blower

STIHL BG-55 Leaf Blower Review

This is a great all around leaf blower. It is a handheld gas powered blower with a round nozzle to quickly clear away leaves and clippings. It weighs just 9 pounds and holds 13 1/2 ounces of fuel. The peak airspeed at the nozzle is 145 mph. It also features a low pull force for easy starting. You get all these features at a very affordable price.

2. STIHL BG-56-CE Leaf Blower

STIHL BG-56-CE Leaf Blower Review

A handheld gasoline powered leaf blower that features a low emission fuel efficient motor with a low pull force for easy starting. It weighs 9.3 pounds and holds 18.3 ounces of fuel. Top airspeed at the nozzle reaches and 143 mph.

3. STIHL BG-66L Leaf Blower

STIHL BG-66L Leaf Blower Review

This blower features a quiet low emission gasoline powered motor capable of taking care of leaves and debris without excessive noise. It can be used in and around neighborhoods due to its quiet motor. It weighs 9.7 pounds and has a fuel capacity of 18.3 ounces. Top airspeed at the nozzle reaches hundred and 43 mph.

4. STIHL BGA-85 Leaf Blower

STIHL BGA 85 Leaf Blower Review

This is a lighter weight handheld blower powered by a rechargeable battery. This eliminates the need to store fuel and it runs very quiet. It weighs just 9.6 pounds and produces air speeds up to 102 mph. It can run up to 20 min. without recharging.

5. STIHL BGA-86 Leaf Blower

STIHL BGA 86 Leaf Blower Review

This popular model is gas powered and capable of hours of work. Even though it is up to the toughest of jobs it still features a low emission motor and peak airspeed at the nozzle of 190 mph. It weighs 9.7 pounds and holds 14.9 ounce of fuel.

6. STIHL  BG 86C-E Leaf Blower

STIHL  BG 86 C-E Petrol Leaf Blower Review

This blower is designed for professional use and is powered by a fuel efficient low emission motor. It produces airspeeds up 190 mph and weighs just 9.9 pounds. It holds 14.9 ounces of fuel and comes with both a flat and round nozzle.

7. STIHL BG-61 Leaf Blower

STIHL BGE-61 Leaf Blower Review

This is a lightweight powerful electric blower more than capable of taking care of leaves and clippings around the house. It produces airspeed at the nozzle of 148 mph and weighs just 6.8 pounds.

8. STIHL BG-71 Leaf Blower

STIHL BG-71 Corded Leaf Blower Review

This electric blower is light weight and perfect for household and community use. It weighs just 6.8 pounds yet still produces airspeed up to 148 mph.

So as you can see Stihl Blowers are available in many different models with features and capabilities to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Although the velocity of air that the device uses is just a little higher than the leaf blowers from other brands the time taken by the Stihl leaf blowers was found to be just 20% of the time the other leaf blowers take.

Even the effort that had to be put in for the leaf blowing task with the leaf blowers from Stihl was much less. The other advantage that attracts the users is that the blowers are powerful enough to blow the leaves from a distance. Hence, one will not need to walk into the garden or to walk among the sticky thorny branches to blow the leaves off.

In fact these leaf blowers from Stihl can be attached to gutter extension attachments (which are available easily at the market) so that one doesn’t need to go to the roof for cleaning the gutters. One can easily complete the work from the sidewalk itself. The leaf blowers from Stihl are lightweight too. They weigh around 9 pounds, which is quite acceptable to many. But then again, if you have a super large yard you need to blow the leaves from, then it may seem a bit heavy after handling for some time.

Yet when people are asked to comment about the weight in comparison with the other brand leaf blowers they say that the Stihl leaf blowers are comparatively much lighter than the others. There are other advantages like extra long tubes and the extra nozzles (in different shapes), the easy adjustment of the carburetor and the fluent start.

Just a few pulls and the machine will jump to life. There is also an air flow control in the device, which helps in blowing off the leaves more conveniently. There is although a drawback (if you feel so) that the machine is a bit noisy as compared to the other leaf blowers. But with this little disadvantage the advantages do not get covered up and so the Stihl leaf blowers are still favorites of many.

Tips for Buying  Stihl leaf blower

Blowers are several types to choose from. With both hands holding the bag after use. The hand grips can be divided into two kind of materials are stored and the kind that do not have to store waste. You can use a blower to blow leaves and other materials such as sand, debris, grass, wood chips used to clean various blowers, but we recommend a Stihl leaf blower.

As you can see Stihl offers leaf blowers for both professional and household use. They come in both gasoline and electric powered models, with many different features including backpack or handheld styles. There are also a number of accessories to these tools that expand their usefulness. Stihl is known for quality durable products that get the job done.

Keep in mind Steele also makes many other tools and safety gear to make the job easier. Stihl Blowers are available in backpack blowers as well as hand held models. Stihl Backpack Blowers are designed to be worn like a backpack in order to free up your hands and make big jobs easier by distributing the weight across the back, so you can work longer with less fatigue

Things you should know before you buy a Stihl leaf blower

  • Machine should have an effective system to reduce vibration to reduce the vibration of a piece of machinery. The users will be exposed
  • The engine is powerful and easy starting
  • Please pay attention to wind speed and air flow
  • If you choose a backpack blower back. It is comfortable to use. Reduce the weight of the hip belt and shoulder strap helps distribute the weight more easily wide.

If you want to buy Stihl leaf blower. At a price that will allow you to click on the link below. You will find many products with Stihl leaf blower you can buy.