Specialty Ergonomic Garden Tools

Arthritis can be very painful, but gardening doesn’t have to be in presense of specialty ergonomic garden tools. With the development, design and craftsmanship of the new ergonomic garden tools on the market nowadays, gardening can be virtually pain free.

Specialty Ergonomic Garden Tools 1

Specialty garden tools are made with a padded near perfect grip for design and comfort of the hand. However we all sometimes find ourselves wishing that if only our arms were a little longer or our hands could reach just a little bit farther things would be so much easier. If this is your case as it is often times mine also, try these ergonomically designed tools just for that little extra.

Extend – a – hand a set of 4 ergonomic garden tools that fit in an ergonomic holder, allowing you to use your arm and shoulder to dig. The tool set includes an ergonomic trowel, 3 prong rakes, hoe and a saw with each one fitting into a holder much like the long handle tools but with the ergonomic design and cushioned grips.

Wedgie – A planting tool with a ergonomic designed knob handle that reduces wrist strain, simply push the wedgie into the soil, rock it back and forth and side to side to loosen the soil then plant, an excellent tool for container gardening.

Ergonomically designed Garden Scoop – with a cushioned grip on the handle and made for right or left hand use, this tool is 12 inches long with a pointed tip and a stainless steel blade with serrated edges and a deep bowl shape. This ergonomic design reduces stress on wrists and the extra length acts as an extension of your hand, one of the most versatile tools you can own and a great tool for weeding.

Ergonomic Trowel – A much easier tool for gardeners who have trouble gripping and holding, it is also designed and engineered for a longer reach and to transfer the workload from the wrist to the forearm.

Garden Scissors – , this tool has a locking switch a non slip grip and a stainless steel blade making it easy to use by a left or right hand user.

By-Pass Hand Shears – also designed for right or left hand user with its locking switch and non-slip grips

Hoematic Hoe and Pick Digger – Ergonomically designed hoe with padded grips that can be used for digging holes or for use as a hoe

Hound Dog Garden Cultivator – Has a detachable an adjustable handle, detachable tines and ergonomic grip on handle.

Ergonomic Cultivator – Advanced ergonomic design minimizes hand and wrist stress with its unique curved design and the contour of the grip that provides a neutral position for your wrist.