Some common types of Garden Aprons

Sometimes just getting started with your gardening can mean more than a few steps back and forth to the tool shed. Wouldn’t it be nice to just pack everything you are going to need into a pouch of some kind and get right to the chores at hand? Well how about a nice gardeners apron. This apron will allow you to pack and carry everything at once and have the ease of the availability right at you fingertips. They come in an assortment of pouch sizes for carrying hand tools and seeds.

Six Pocket Garden Waist Apron – This apron comes with 3 gardening tool that include a 3 prong rake and 1 small and 1 large trowel, all made of heavy duty plastic

Garden Apron – this apron is a wonderful 3 piece set that includes a pair of rubber grip gloves and a sun hat. The apron has a Velcro closure at the front center, 2 accessory pockets and 2 large pockets at the waist, this is just right for the times when you won’t be needing all your gardening tools.

Smith & Hawken Garden Apron – this apron comes with a garden weed fork and a trowel and it also has large loop pockets for your garden tools

Waistie Garden Apron – This neat little garden apron is just the thing for weeding, pruning or harvesting berries or herbs. This apron allows you to move about freely while carrying your gardening tools with you and it calls for very little clean up

Phone & Garden Pocket Apron – this handy little apron lets you keep your cell phone within easy reach… The apron can store your cell phone and your garden tools; it has an adjustable strap for your shoulder or waist.

Potting Apron – this gardening apron is made of 100% heavy duty gauge cotton with large front pockets for hand tools.

Half Apron – is made of washable cotton, it has 2 large pockets for gloves, cell phone and tools, extra long ties wrap around to tie in the front making it ideal for men and women, it also come small or large.

Pocket Bucket Apron – this apron can be worn as an apron or used as a bucket, simply tie the apron around an ordinary bucket and it instantly becomes a multi tool carrier for your pruners, gloves, soil knives and other small tools. (Bucket not included).

Garden Aprons protect clothes when working outdoors with one of our stylish gardening aprons and tool belts. With plenty of pockets to hold tools and accessories a protective apron, tool belt or simple holster will be an asset to your outdoor lifestyle. A range of designs and fit means you can add your own personal style to your garden attire. Secure fastenings keep the aprons in place making them comfy and easy to wear. Shop now and keep your tools organised and clothes protected.

If you are looking for something more functional, there are shorter garden aprons or tool belts that tie around the waist as well as full aprons with bibs in floral prints and personalized designs.