Poulan Pro PR48BT 25cc 2-Cycle Leaf Blower Review 2022

Equipped with a powerful 48 cc two-cycle engine, the Poulan Pro PR48BT gas-powered leaf blower is capable of incredible high-velocity air speeds up to 200 mph and airflow up to 475 cfm to easily handle tough blowing tasks like clearing wet, heavy leaves, grass, and other stubborn debris.

This lightweight backpack leaf blower is packed with all sorts of high-performance features, like cruise control with variable speed control; heavy-duty frame; soft-grip handle; large, contoured, adjustable shoulder straps; and padded, load-reducing harness for optimal fit, superior comfort, minimal strain, and reduced fatigue for users of any size.

Powerful, comfortable, versatile, and easy-to-use, it’s ideal for year-round clean, and is a perfect choice for homeowners and small business owners with 1/2-acre yards and larger. You might also like Makita XBU02PT1 backpack leaf blower.

Features of Poulan Pro PR48BT

We have reviewed this blower and give you complete buying guide so that you can understand what you are going for:

  • 48CC 2-stroke engine
  • 200 mph/475 cfm
  • Cruise control. Heavy duty frame
  • This lightweight leaf blower is packed with all sorts of load-reducing harness for optimal fit, superior comfort, minimal strain, and reduced fatigue for users of any size
  • Variable speed throttle control.Adjustable shoulder straps

Poulan Pro PR48BT 25cc 2-Cycle Leaf Blower Reviews

  • Fuel Tank capacity is good (49.3 fl. oz.)
  • Very low Noise (96.7 dB)
  • Easy to use, handle Weight (22 lbs)
  • High speed (200 MPH)
  • Inexpensive machine
  • It air flow is low (475 CFM)


Its ease of use creates an comfirtable feeling, especially if you’re a gardening hobbyist. Many DIYers invest a lot of money in diff machines, but most of those units are hard to use and require some expertise. However, this one doesn’t; it’s as simple as it can be. The warranty conditions are excellent. Poulan Pro PR48BT leaf blower has a great quality control department, and a vast majority of their machines are inspected before leaving the factory. Therefore, the percentage of faulty units on the market is negligible.


You can find Poulan Pro PR48BT at almost all major hardware stores, but if you really want to buy it at a fair price, then one of the best places to check is Amazon Store. Nobody can say it is a cheap tool or equipment, but it is much cheaper than some brands while offering similar features. In simple words, if you need a professional best cordless leaf blower, this blower might do the best job even if it is not regarded as a professional one. This Poulan Pro PR48BT 2-cycle blower is a 5star unit. Amazon have been known to have many great deals on this Poulan Pro PR48BT blower and many other blowers which includes free shipping.

Should I Get The Poulan Pro PR48BT Backpack Blower?

The Poulan Pro PR48BT is specifically designed for homeowners. It is highly effective at blowing fallen leaves, sticks and debris. The overall experience can be enhanced with the right leaf blower techniques. It can be used the whole year. You can clear snow from driveways and sidewalks during winter.

What Makes Poulan Pro PR48BT Backpack Blower Stands Out?

Its Backpack design for easy operation. It has heavy-duty frame for longevity. It has cruise control. It has variable speed throttle control. You can adjust its shoulder straps for comfort when in operations.

Will the Poulan Pro PR48BT Work on Snow?

Yes! Poulan ProPR48BT works on snow, but not so much for the wet, heavy stuff like sludge. It’s good for blowing the snow off your car, but not clearing the packed snow out of the driveaway.


We hope you have finally made your final decision about buying a perfect leaf blower. However, if you haven’t decided yet or you are still confused even after reading this Poulan Pro PR48BT 25cc 2-cycle leaf blower then don’t hesitate to check its Amazon customer reviews that will also help you to clear most of your confusions as many other users have shared their good & bad experience with this amazing Poulan Pro blower.