New Husqvarna 580BTS Backpack Leaf Blower Review 2022

New Husqvarna 580BTS Leaf Blower Review

If you are a person who has not invested in purchasing a leaf blower then you should, nowadays, every person wants to have convenience of everything and if you happen to own a lawn then its true beauty lies in maintaining it and your best choice can be New Husqvarna 580BTS Backpack Leaf Blower that is considered most powerful and excellent machine which is designed to meet all the demanding tasks.

What more you can ask for, this one truly has the amazing air speed with larger airflow along with efficient fan design to help you achieve your goals. Whenever the season of autumn comes most people wonders how they will going to clean out all the leaves and grass to make their lawns and yards beautiful enough to be like by others.

So, you might need a slim and handy tool that is safe while using and air does not come out and you can enjoy trouble free long operations. There are many blowers that you can rely on but not all of them could provide you the satisfaction like New Husqvarna 75.6cc Gas Powered Leaf Blower with long range accuracy and wide shoulder straps makes it a genuinely commercial product which can be used for domestic use as well. You might also like Husqvarna 150BT Gas Backpack Blower for its smooth and comfortable handling.

Features of New Husqvarna 580BTS Leaf Blower

The proof of having a leaf blower is only recognized by its features, and this one has managed to emerge perfect contender of the market with some amazing working conditions and benefits that brings with it, we have reviewed this  blower and here are some features list of it including:

  • The x-TORQ engine makes less noise and reduce the emissions to zero
  • It can increase the fuel efficiency up to 40%
  • Centrifugal cleaning air system to help remove larger debris and dust
  • Air injection can remove any dirt particles before reaching to air filter
  • Works to improve the long engine life
  • The 3 stage air filtration ensures to make the longer operations even in dusty situations
  • Adjustable handling and comfortable aiming
  • Delivers superior power
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty

New Husqvarna 580BTS Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews

  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Tube mounted throttle control
  • Varge air flow (907 CFM)
  • Very high air speed (206 MPH)
  • Acceptable weight (25.8 pounds)
  • Made for Professional or Semi-Professional Use Only
  • Pricey for a piece of equipment

Some New Husqvarna 580BTS specs you should know:

You will be amazed to see that how much this husqvarna leaf blower is capable of helping you out for all your garden, and yard issues. This is the only brand that has been around for a long time and year after year the new model has been introduced. Before you made up your mind here are some specifications you might want to know before buying it such as:

  1. Air flow volume 1030 CFM
  2. Air speed 210 MPH
  3. Blowing force 50 N
  4. Weight 26.7 lbs
  5. Noise and sound reduction 100 DBA
  6. Length of tube 1200 mm

What are the improvements in this New Husqvarna 580BTS blower regarding performance?

New Husqvarna 580BTS is a type of blower that is designed to meet all sorts of weather conditions, whether it is rain, dusty, wet, or any other. You can rely on this piece of equipment to get the job done in perfect fashion like you expect from it. You can use this New Husqvarna 580BTS blower with padded straps for shoulders to ease your arms, also with chest and waist straps you can cover the body from hip to back and continuously you want.

Final Words

New Husqvarna 580BTS Backpack Leaf Blower is indeed ranked as number one because of its performance and long running engine. It is wise to checkout all the other leaf blowers to compare and see what fits your needs best. This one clearly is a winner, if not then highly recommended.



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