Makita Mac2400 Air Compressor Review 2022

Makita Mac2400 Air Compressor Review

Makita MAC2400 is one of the best multipurpose air compressors that come with various outstanding features at a very affordable price. It comes with a 2.5HP that operates at 1720 RPM which means that it will create less noise as compared to other air compressors in the market. Makita MAC2400 Big bore cylinder makes it capable to compress a large volume of air in a single stroke. It’s an impressive machine engineered to provide excellent performance. If you are buying an air compressor for the first time then Makita will be the most suitable option that you should consider.

It’s a very durable air compressor that you can flawlessly use for your work without worrying about its maintenance cost because it’s almost zero if used properly according to the manufacturer instructions. However, we do have some concerns regarding Makita mac2400 that we will discuss in this article so that you can take your decision wisely. You might also like Makita XBU02PT1 Cordless blower review 2021.

Features of Makita Mac2400 Air Compressor

It comes with several interesting features that will grab anyone’s attention looking for a perfect air compressor. Unfortunately due to some limitations, we cannot mention all of them here in this article, so let’s have a look at some of its core features.


This air compressor is quite ideal for professional woodworkers as they can use most of their tools with it. It’s empowered by the extra-large pump that ensures maximum performance for tough jobs meanwhile it can also easily compress maximum air pressure of 130 PSI in a 4.2-gallon tank. You will get faster recovery in this air compressor that will result in increased productivity of your work.

Less noise

Makita MAC2400 operates at a very low sound level of 79 DB which is quite impressive if we compare it to its competitors without compromising on the performance. Many people still believe that noise is directly proportional to the performance of the air compressor, which is a false belief in reality. However we cannot say that it’s one of the quietest compressors on earth but still, it’s much better than the majority of the air compressors that can annoy you on the job site with their Irritating loud noise.


Portability is another significant factor that you should also consider while buying an air compressor for your job. Makita MAC2400 is a portable air compressor that can be easily moved anywhere with little effort as compared to vast number of the compressors in the market. You can check the Makita mac2400 manual for more details about this product.


Safety is another crucial factor that matters a lot especially when it comes to air compressors. It has cast iron built piston along with the lubricated cylinder that keeps the pump cool to prevent any sort of overheating and fire.

Makita Mac2400 Review

  • Powerful air compressor.
  • Less noise.
  • Impressive tank size of 4.2 gallons.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Impressive durability.
  • Affordable price.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • It won’t work with some of the extension cables easily.


Makita MAC2400 has a lot of key features that are rarely found anywhere else in the same price tag. In this Makita mac2400 review, we have covered all the positive and negative aspects of this product. However the majority of this Makita product reviews are encouraging but still, few minor reported drawbacks can be compromised or ignored.



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