Makita LS1216L Miter Saw Review 2022

Makita LS1216L Miter Saw Review

Makita is one of the well-known brands in the market for more than 50 years when it comes to producing powerful tools. If you are desperately looking for a perfect miter saw then you should have a look on this outstanding Makita LS1216L dual slide compound miter saw that comes with a powerful 15.0 Amp motor.

It delivers more than 3,200 RPM which is sufficient enough for all sorts of complex cutting designs. Makita LS1216L is designed for accurate jobs as it can flawlessly deliver a crosscut on boards at 90 degrees. It has compact design along with unique four steel rail sliding system that will give you excellent cuts by increasing the rigidity. You might also like Makita XBU02PT1 cordless blower.

Features of Makita LS1216L Miter Saw 2021

These are the following outstanding core features that Makita LS1216L has to offer:


Whenever you are looking for a perfect miter saw at an affordable cost then the first and most important thing that concerns you a lot is its work quality. When it comes to its performance then you can blindly trust this product even if you are new to Makita ls1216l miter saw, as it offers a deep exact cutting technology that ensures precise cutting with the help of a double sliding guide fence. There is also a 4 rail unique sliding system that will be empowered by a laser for more accurate cuts. You can even switch the laser on another side within a few seconds that makes this miter saw versatile.

Easy to Use

While using Makita ls1216l 305mm you don’t have to put much effort as it comes with an outstanding cutting capacity and power that runs everything smoothly on its own without imposing any stress on the user. There is a slide fence system that will allow the upper and lower fence to adjust on its own which will be quite beneficial for users who want to make several designs of cuts. You can also change its blade easily without any expertise just because of its unique one-step blade change design that allows you to change its blade within a few minutes when needed.


Makita products are generally known for their durability. Unlike other miter saws the maintenance cost of this Makita Miter saw is almost zero as it comes with the unique motor design. However, if you still have some concerns regarding its durability then don’t hesitate to check Makita ls1216l review on Amazon to clear all the confusions in your mind.

Makita LS1216L Saw Reviews

  • Powerful Miter saw that delivers outstanding motor speed.
  • Compact design.
  • Highly durable.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Made for tough operations.
  • There are some minor reported drawbacks related to its alignment.

Comparing the Makita LS1216l vs Dewalt DWS780

While doing research about Makita LS1216l you might have come across the Dewalt DWS780.​ These are two miter saws that offer compact design, great power, and superb precision. When deciding between these two products, there are few differences you should be aware of.

Makita LS1216L
Dewalt DW780
Makita LS121L delivers 3200RPM Dewalt DWS780 delivers 3800RPM
It is very accurate and reliable in 45 and 90 degree. LED light can be very beneficial help for line need to be cut.
It has a very good cut capacity. On this unit, the full cross cut capacity at 90 degrees is 15 inches and the maximum thickness is 3-5/8 inches. DeWalt DWS780 is able to cut at 90 degrees with a maximum capacity of 16 inches. This is impressive. The large capacity makes it so versatile.

Between these two models, Makita LS1216L is generally more recommended. It is more portable and easier to use. It can handle complicated cuts quickly, thanks to the ability to make horizontal and vertical cuts simultaneously. Dewalt DWS780 is easier to carry, while the unit from Makita LS1216l features a super fine laser that really helps line up those long or tall cuts. Makita LS1216L also has larger capacity when compared to the Dewalt DWS780.


Makita ls1216lx4 is one of the ultimate choices for woodworking projects that require large cuttings with accuracy. It’s recommended by the majority of the craftsman due to its outstanding performance. In the last I would like to talk about its price which is around 700$, to be honest, it’s of the cheapest miter saws that you should consider if you have a low budget without even thinking to compromise on quality. You Can also check Best Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews in our blog.



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