Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw Review 2022

Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw Reviews

It’s one of the fantastic products from Makita that comes with tons of exciting features. It’s an outstanding metal saw that will be quite enough for a beginner without compromising on power. While looking for a great tool in the market based on power, versatility, and most importantly durability, Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw Review will be one of those very few ultimate options that you can consider without even thinking. In today’s review, we will try to cover every aspect of this product such as its features, and its construction so that you can get a comprehensive review while deciding the best metal cutting saw for your needs.

The Makita LC1230 is powered by a 15 amp motor that is capable to produce 1300 RPM that will ensure accurate cuts in any working environment.The market is designed with several impressive features that will not only make your work quicker but also more productive as compared to other metal cutting saws in the market. It’s equipped with the built-in lock-off button that ensures full-fledged safety without any inconvenience later on. You  might also like Makita XBU02PT1 Cordless Blower Review 2021.

Features of Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw

Although it comes with several features that increase the productivity of this Makita lc1230 due to certain limitations we are bound to share some of its core features that matters a lot while buying a perfect metal cutting saw.


It’s a powerful machine because of its 15-ampere motor that works at maximum speed to ensure tough cuttings. The components of this machine such as blades last longer than any other device with the same price tag in the market while it also ensures clean and burr-free cuts.

Easy handling

While using a cutter saw for long duration of time it’s important to have an easy handling so that you can use this machine without imposing stress on your arms. It comes with the D shaped handle that will cause minimum fatigue on your arms while it will also increase the quality and productivity of the work.

Affordable price

Even though Makita LC1230 price is not a feature but we couldn’t resist mentioning it because, after in-depth research of the current market situation, we concluded that Makita LC1230 review is an Ultimate product that comes with several features at a very affordable price tag as compared to its competitors.

Makita lc1230 metal cutting saw Review

  • Powerful machine.
  • Ideal for tough metal cuttings.
  • It comes with a variety of features and tools.
  • Comfortable handling.
  • Versatile product.
  • Affordable cost.
  • There are some minor reported issues about its shaft placement.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, the Makita lc1230 metal cutting saw is one of the best options available. It’s a tool that comes with all the safety measures that ensures safety of the users to avoid any accident. It’s one of the ultimate choices when it comes to metal cutting saws as it includes everything which is required for flawless cutting jobs. We hope this Makita lc1230 buying guide has somehow helped you make a wise decision, however, if you aren’t completely satisfied yet then don’t forget to check its customer reviews on Amazon.



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