Husqvarna 570bts Backpack Blower Review 2022

Husqvarna 560bts Backpack Blower Review

Whenever you see changes in the color of the leaves of trees around your garden then the first thing which comes in your mind is a perfect leaf blower for this season ahead. The leaves on the walkways and pathways whenever come under your feet give you husky sound and which at times get very annoying. Here I will discuss with you about Husqvarna 570bts review in detail.

It is one of the highest quality leaf blowers in the market that are very powerful and normally used by owner as well as the professional people. The Husqvarna leaf blower is famous for its durable products that are the first priority of home owners. Basically Husqvarna 570bts backpack blower is a gas powered leaf blower that features 2-cycle 65.6 cc engine which is the reason for its best performance. This leaf blower has a heavy air flow and maximum speed that enables you to work with it efficiently.

And other notable future of this leaf blower is its pro-grade air filter that helps in working with it for a longer time. If you are willing to use it for a longer period of time in a dusty condition then its 2-stage filtration system is there for your convenience. Husqvarna is very conscious about your comfort that is why it features wide straps on the harness which you can use while working with this leaf blower.

You will be surprised to know that apart from cleaning the yard for leaves it can also be used to clear the basement floor, decks and furniture in your garden. You might also like Husqvarna 150bt leaf blower buying guide.

Features of Husqvarna 570bts Backpack Blower

When we talk about the features of Husqvarna 570bts blower then there are so many of them but in this article I am going to discuss with you the top features of this leaf blower which will give you a clear idea about its working and performance regarding your garden cleaning.

Comes with a powerful engine:

The Husqvarna 570 BTS has a powerful engine that is around 2 cycle 65.6 cc engine.  It works with maximum air volume of 632 CFM along with airspeed of 232 mph. This model features X-Torq engine that is very powerful. The Husqvarna 570 bts gas mixture that includes both oil and gasoline for its operation. The ideal fuel mixture ratio for this leaf blower is around 50:1.  The best thing about its engine is its less fuel consumption that increases its fuel efficiency up to 20%. There are no batteries required for this blower.

Ergonomically designed handle:

The best feature of this leaf blower is its ergonomic handle that is designed according to your needs. You can hold it for longer duration without any difficulty as it is quite heavy. Its back pack provides greatest support to one’s neck and back making this leaf blower a user-friendly one.

Adaptable air speed:

You can adjust its speed according to your needs. At times there are stubborn or wet leaves that are not easy to handle so you can increase the air speed in this regard. The speed can also be lowered to make the area tide near the patio.

Cruise control characteristic:

When you want to use this blower for a longer duration of time with its constant speed then this feature comes into play. No need to focus around for cleaning or making changes with the settings of this blower because it known about its job well.

Warranty information:

This leaf blower comes with two years of Limited warranty.  This warranty is of consumer engine however in case of commercial engine the warranty will be around 1 year. However this warranty is not related to all the parts of this blower, it is only for the engine.

Husqvarna 560bts Backpack Blower Review

  • Easy to use with its ergonomic handle.
  • Uses less fuel and increases fuel efficiency.
  • The warranty can be extended by purchasing Husqvarna pre-mix fuel at the time of purchase.
  • Comes with 2-stage air filtration system.
  • Do not require any batteries.
  • The blowing speed should have be increased.
  • No option for the waist belt.


If you are in search of a best leaf blower that gives effective cleaning results in less time then you must go for Husqvarna 570bts blower. All your quality time will be saved when you have this product at home. Its powerful engine is the reason for its extraordinary performance as it reduces the amount of emission when it is in use. It is ultimately a great product to buy that is very cost effective at the same time.

So this best cordless leaf blower is recommended by lots of home owners who have used it for their garden cleaning purposes. I hope this review will be very helpful to you and now you must hurry up and make a quick purchase with this backpack leaf blower.


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