Husqvarna 350BT Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews 2019

It’s quite difficult to sort out any particular best leaf blower especially when the marketplace is already crowded with thousands of other leaf blowers. However, you can choose the most perfect one according to your needs and budget with proper research. As you can see this article is particularly about Husqvarna 350BT so it’s certainly one of the best choices that you can make in an affordable budget. It’s an outstanding leaf blower covered by an extended 2 years warranty along with X-Torque engine which enables you to reduce harmful emissions to protect the nearby environment. If you are looking for a lightweight leaf blower without compromising on its power then Husqvarna 350BT is a great tool that comes at a very affordable price than other models. It's one of the well-known models in the industry, despite having lower price it is still preferred by professionals due to its excellent efficiency. It's one of the best choices for those people you never had any experience about leaf blowers before, it will be an ideal starter machine that would surely leave you with much higher expectations. Husqvarna is one of the well-known leaf blower brands in the market and they are known for their excellent quality products. They are constantly striving to update their models time to time for better quality so Husqvarna 350BT is one of those amazing upgraded models in this modern era of Technology. It's a commercial styled leaf blower that comes in an ergonomic design that makes it handy and comfortable to use for an extended period especially when it comes to tough cleaning jobs. Here you might go for Husqvarna 150bt backpack blower review.

Features of Husqvarna 350bt Backpack Leaf Blower

As we have said before Husqvarna leaf blower is one of the excellent brand when it comes to leaf blowers, however, you can still have a look at some of its core features that would surely impress you.

Powerful Motor

Husqvarna 350BT comes with a powerful motor and you would certainly please to hear that it’s a quite silent leaf blower as its motor is designed in such a way that it doesn't make any sort of noise. Many people are annoyed just because of loud noises of gas-powered leaf blowers; that’s why many people still prefer electric leaf blowers just because of their silent operations; however, you can flawlessly use this outstanding machine in day and night without worrying about disturbing your neighbors. Just because of its silent and powerful motor system, it’s one of the ultimate choices for those people who like to do gardening at random times of the day.

Cruise Control

It has a cruise control feature that enables you to use it for any sort of cleaning operations where you need to adjust the airflow according to the type of job. It’s one of the best features for those people who want to work for a long period to avoid any inconvenience.

2 Cycle Engine

With its powerful 2.1 horsepower engine with a maximum speed of 7,500 RPM, this outstanding machine can generate a powerful airspeed of 180 miles per hour. It will be quite enough to blow away any sort of stubborn waste as it requires more airflow. It comes with a 2 stroke X-Torque engine that will surely deliver more power with less fuel consumption and most importantly less harmful emissions.

Comfortable Design

It is specially designed in such a unique way that it can be flawlessly used for hours with full comfort. You will also get a comfortable handle along with an adjustable soft grip that delivers more maneuvering.

Affordable Price

In the last, I would like to discuss one of the most crucial factors of any leaf blower that decides the success of any product. As far as the Husqvarna 350bt price is concerned, then there is no doubt in saying that it’s one of the most affordable choices when it comes to gas-powered leaf blowers as you can buy it in less than 350$.


  • Lightweight and Compact design.
  • Produces less noise and vibration.
  • Powerful airflow.
  • Less harmful emissions.
  • Easy starting with air purge.
  • Reduces the stress of arms and hands.
  • Adjustable handles.


  • Needs more storage space.
  • No Vacuum system.


We hope this Husqvarna 350bt review was quite enough for you to clear all the confusions in your mind regarding this outstanding leaf blower. If you wanted to get rid of all the debris and leaves in your backyard or garden, then you should consider buying Husqvarna 350BT. We have also checked all the customer reviews of this product on amazon and concluded that overall it’s a great choice for those people who are looking for efficient cleanups. Despite having a lower price, it comes with an extended 2 Years warranty that will secure your hard-earned money in case of any damage or dissatisfaction. If you want more information regarding its usage and features then you should check Husqvarna 350bt manual that can be found in its packing.