How To Fix A Leaf Blower That Won’t Start

There is nothing more irritating than dealing with types of equipment that won’t start especially when they are needed badly. As the autumn starts you will see leaves start to fall in your yard and to clean the messy lawn you will turn to your one and only trusty leaf blower, and you find that it is not working properly. Actually, it is a common problem with leaf blowers which are used occasionally and most of the year they are found in the packed form in the shed. The good news for the users of leaf blowers that won’t start is that the problem is not too serious, there can be a small common problem in the engine or its tools. Debris cleaning is hectic and difficult without leaf blowers as in old days it takes days to properly clean the yard but now after the development of technology it has become easy and takes minutes to clean the messy lawn.

Leaf Blower Staring Problems

In this how to fix a leaf blower that won’t start article, we will discuss the most common and small problems associated with how to fix a leaf blower that won’t start. We will focus on small issues and malfunctions of its parts and solutions associated with them. We will discuss ways to how to fix a leaf blower at home without calling a mechanic. Most of the parts can be easily replaced by new at home only you have to find a site online to order cheap parts easily and some parts can start working easily only by cleaning them properly.


If you observe little sparks, then there is a need to check the spark plug. A spark plug can be damaged in different ways. There can be a possibility, how to fix a leaf blower that won’t start, can be because of a porcelain insulator is cracked because of the eroded and burnt electrode. If this is a reason for blower malfunction than the only remedy is to buy a new spark plug.

Another common reason for spark plugs to quit proper functioning is heavy carbon build-up. You can use a file to clean the build-up off the spark plug electrode and the problem can be fixed.

Spark plug tester is used to easily find out spark plug problems. This handy tool is easily available and is very useful to find problems in different types of equipment.


The carburetor plays an important role in the proper functioning of a leaf blower. If it is damaged, you will see no spark. The function of the carburetor is to mix the correct ratio of air and gasoline to form a combustible gas.  The engine will have trouble in starting if the carburetor is not working properly, it either will not start or will sputter after starting.

If using gas with ethanol, cause build-up in the carburetor and require cleaning as most gas sold contains 10% of ethanol in it. Cleaning the carburetor and replacing it are two options that can be considered for proper functioning. If you work yourself you can easily do it either, you only need to check which parts are needed to be replaced.


The air filter is the most important part that is needed to be checked first when your leaf blower won’t start. If you are using blowers for all kind of leaves, dust and debris than this can easily cause air-filter to become overloaded and it can make impossible for them to provide enough air. Air filters are cheap and they can be easily replaced.


One of the most common causes of not working leaf blower is clogged or dirty fuel filter. This causes an engine to not work properly because of the left fuel in the leaf blower for a long period of time in the offseason. Most of the ingredients in fuel evaporate leaving the solid sticky ingredients behind that clog the small filter holes. To prevent this problem, it is important to remove all fuel before storing blowers for the winter season. If a problem occurs, then it can be solved by replacing the fuel filter.


Rewind spring recoil the starter rope into a pulley, so if rewind spring is broken starter rope will not recoil and the engine will not start. Rewind spring is easy to replace but you will need a proper mechanic.


Spark arrestor is very useful as it prevents the engine from producing sparks. Debris and soot can have clogged the small screen of the spark arrestor. If clogged is increased, it will restrict airflow from the engine and it will not work properly. The screen can be cleaned by soaking it in gasoline or a strong household solvent. If a spark arrestor is broken, then you must change it.


While the engine is running, the ignition coil sends voltage to the spark plug. The leaf blower engine will not start if your ignition coil is defected or broken. If you have checked all the parts of not working leaf blower than there can be a need to change its ignition coil. Ignition coil tester is needed to check the status of the ignition coil.


The engine will not be able to start if starter pulley is broken as it is responsible to wind up the starter rope when it is not in use. There is no option of mending the pulley so it is needed to be replaced. There are different symptoms of malfunctioning when it comes to leaf blower so proper troubleshooting is needed for proper functioning.


If all of the above reasons are not answering your question “how to fix a leaf blower” than there can be a major problem in the engine of your leaf blower. Proper troubleshooting is needed before coming to the end of your research that why it is not working properly. In this how to fix a leaf blower that won’t start review, we have mentioned the major problems that you can deal at home if your cam handles screwdrivers properly.

Leaf blower needs proper cleaning before it is stored. You should drain all the leftover fuel in blower after the season is over so that it can work properly without chocking in next season. It should be stored in a safe place to avoid breaking of its any part. You can call the mechanic at home to repair it if needed.