Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf Blower Review 2021

If there is one thing that most house owners want is to make sure they got the excellent tool for their small gardens and keep them alive by shredding grass and storing leaves. Well, this time you can choose Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf Blower which works as a gas powered leaf blower. It can clearly do the job in time and impresses its users. The great thing about is that you no longer need to use fuel or recharge it, this one can work for a long time and extend the period of time of it services. Most people usually becomes tired after using ordinary vacuum cleaners and they makes their timings too much limited and can’t even more freely, but this with modern technology which has made human life easy you can bet this problem can be sorted out in just few minutes. Now you don’t need to rely on one thing and complete your lawn work any time you want with full liberty.

This amazing Hitachi RB24EAP23.9cc machine can go to the farthest distances of any other leaf blower. The most interesting thing about it, the air you blow from its nozzle comes out at an astonishing velocity of 180 MPH, where some other models do not do it. It is great for covering small yards and lawns. It is also one of the lightest leaf blowers in the market but with powerful CFM, for both professionals and homeowners. You might also like Husqvarna 150bt leaf blower review, two speed design and simple to assemble.

Features Hitachi RB24EAP Cycle Gas Blower

There a lot of incredible features you will see once you use it, this is not your typical vacuum cleaner but something more, with its larger three throttle engine that can clean up smaller areas and also has enough power to handle big lawn work as well. Here are some of its features ready for you to explore immediately such as:

  • Lightweight of 8.2 lbs
  • Comfortable while using
  • Less fatigue
  • Perfect air leading volume control for movement of debris
  • With 23.9cc makes it a work for longer time and gives outstanding power
  • Produces more than 180 MPH air velocity
  • Taper nozzle
  • Auto return stop switching
  • Comes with 4 years of warranty
  • Handheld blower
  • Automatic adjustment depending on usage

Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf Blower Reviews

  • It blasts leaves further than any of the other blowers
  • Hitachi Leaf Blower is easy to maneuver
  • It uses Pure-Fire technology which enables it to produce low emissions
  • It is very lightweight (8.6 pounds)
  • Produces an impressive air velocity of 170 MPH
  • Large two-finger throttle lever for easier operation
  • It’s little loud.


Unlike many other like Hitachi RB24EAP leaf blowers works depend on batteries, and mixture of oil, this one only rely on gas cycle that makes it very rare and also important product. You no longer have to worry about the power socket instead you can roam free and even clean your house dirt and dust at the same time. This lightweight Hitachi RB24EAP machine can be used around not only for yards but also for garage and driveways.

Final Words

This Hitachi RB24EAP leaf blower is designed to provide quick work for large cleanups, It is mostly used for commercial use and with its four stroke engine you will get less noise and very effective to remove debris as well. It is not your average lawn mower, because it does not make any sound at all. With its soft sounding you should happily clean your garden or park.

Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf Blower is your ultimate solution when it comes to blown off the leaves falling from trees. It does not matter how big the size of them, this product can do the job in few minutes, thanks to its lightweight design you can easily maneuver it, with reduced fatigue. So, what are you waiting for, if opportunity knocks grab it people, and experience whole new way of modern leaf blowers.



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