Hitachi Leaf Blower Reviews 2021 – Top Picks and Guide

In 1910 the Hitachi, a well-known brand, was founded in Japan by an electrical engineer. Afterward, the company faced many struggles and finally, the Hitachi brand went public in 1949. Hitachi brand was then established in America in 1959. This Hitachi brand was established on a vision to provide amazing products with superior level quality to create a better society that would be full of the latest advance technologies. This Hitachi brand has succeeded in achieving its goal as it has provided high-quality products to exceed customers’ expectations. This brand is much famous for its Hitachi cordless leaf blowers, there is a lot to like about, but there are two things that stand out that are leaf blower’s affordability and durability. There is no doubt about fantastic bang for the buck you get with the Hitachi as it offers amazing value for money when you consider what you get for the price.

A Hitachi leaf blower is such a handy tool in the life of a garden owner. Though, choosing a best leaf blower brand that is easy-to-use, sturdy, environment-friendly and active is not an easy task. As there are so many brands with their amazing models on the market and only a few fit customers’ requirements. One of the top popularly traded brands on the market list is the Hitachi leaf blower. A firm peace of mind comes while you come to know that the product you are buying is made by an industry leader such as Hitachi. The Hitachi gas-powered leaf blower has amazing air blowing at speed up to 170 miles per hour. All the leaf blowers manufactured by Hitachi brand are super lightweight with low emission that makes the design perfect and comfortable for customers.

Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf Blower Review

Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 170 MPH 40V
Air Volume : 441 CFM
Weight : 8.6 lbs
Power Source : Battery Powered

Hitachi LEAF BLOWER REVIEWS 2021 (Updated List)

1) Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf Blower

The Hitachi RB24EAP is a compact gas leaf blower that effectively clears leaves and debris from your yard. The Hitachi leaf blower is a lightweight leaf blower that is easy to handle and maneuver, and most importantly, it effectively clears leaves and debris from your yard. The generous seven-year warranty is a plus.

The Hitachi RB24EAP is a compact gas-powered leaf blower that effectively clears leaves and debris from your yard and is backed by an impressive seven-year consumer warranty. This Hitachi machine can blow debris 18 feet in 16.54 seconds; this was the farthest distance of any of the leaf blowers in our lineup. This blower is compact, but it pushes 441 cubic feet of air through its tapered nozzle per minute at a velocity of 170 mph. This is somewhat lower than some of the other models we evaluated, but it can work just fine for a small yard.


  • 33c of low-emission two-stroke engine technology for cleaner air
  • CARB Tier III compliant for use in California


  • 8.6 pounds is easy to maneuver
  • Lets you work longer with less fatigue


  • Automatically resets to the “On” position to simplify startups


  • 441cfm with speed of 170mph suitable for big jobs & quick tasks
  • Takes on autumn leaf removal as well as blowing leaf clippings

Read the full review: Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf Blower Review 2021

Hitachi brand produces high-quality products to fulfill customers’ demands; every leaf blower is manufactured with advanced technologies as compared to the previous one. Hitachi leaf blower brand designs all types of blowers and vacuums like Hitachi gas leaf blower, Hitachi corded leaf blowers, and Hitachi battery-powered leaf blowers. The blower that is getting high reviews is Hitachi RB24EAP handheld leaf blower; it produces an air capacity of 441 CFM and a velocity of 170 MPH. It is designed with extra advanced technologies, the two-stroke blower with a purge primer and a two-finger throttle lever for easier operation. Hitachi 23.9cc 2-cycle medium-duty gas leaf blower is also an amazing blower designed by the best-known brand on the market. Most of the time handful of leaf blowers can cope with damp leaves without blocking and if the blower is of Hitachi brand that it is very easy to complete work in less time.


Mostly, the leaf blowers of all brands come with a full backpack with sometimes contains few extra parts, so if the blower part is broken you can use another one. But sometimes on an urgent basis, you need a replacement, which is much costly, but in case of Hitachi leaf blower replacement parts. The Hitachi leaf blower parts are easily available in the market at very less price and now you can also order online. The Hitachi brand designer manufactures outstanding leaf blowers which are very easy to handle with mind-blowing performance. Sometimes, Hitachi leaf blower won’t start at first attempt; in that case, there can be a defect in fuel pipe or carburetor. So first you have to clean the pipe and carburetor properly if still it, not works then changes the parts.


It would be wrong to say that each brand is a good one or every brand manufacture bad leaf blowers. A brand of a leaf blower with 2 or 3 flaws can’t be judged to be the bad one, as it might have 100 of the best qualities. When we talk about comparing two well-known and highly popular brands, Hitachi and Makita, it becomes very difficult to choose one. Both brands have advantages and disadvantages and the choice depends on the person’s needs and requirements.

Hitachi leaf blower brand is impressive with the best warranty, performance, affordability, and quality.  This brand is well-made with a durable plastic housing, fixed position, and round nozzle tube.  While the Makita leaf blower brand is one of the most underrated device manufacturers and is competing with the top brands. This brand produces leaf blowers that are worth paying for. So according to me, both brands are amazing as they have pros and cons but their performance is amazing.


No doubt, the Hitachi brand is one of the top-selling product brands in the market list. This Hitachi leaf blower brand is well-known for its performance and steadiness. If you are searching for great power tools with a brand name than go and search for Hitachi power tools. This brand true information is mentioned on Hitachi leaf blower home depot and Hitachi leaf blower lowes, they both are the best retailer brand for the largest home improvement products. You won’t regret and will not compromise on quality, once you choose the leaf blower from this brand.



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