Greenworks BA09B00 9Amp Jet Electric Leaf Blower Review 2020

Greenworks BA09B00 ReviewsMostly, people are familiar with Greenworks Company that makes one of the best leaf blowers of the modern century. Recently they have launched new models, Greenworks BA09B00 9A 130MPH Leaf Blower which makes clearing of leaves and debris conventional and easy for house owners. This machine is great home equipment, it also has a cord lock system that prevents from disconnecting for dual handling. You can use this corded leaf blower for both smaller and larger areas. It feels very awkward to see your home full of leaves falling from trees, so you can’t move on your track easily.

There are so many corded leaf blower models available on the market, each blower comes with unique characteristics to work with, but Greenworks 9 Amp corded leaf blower has managed to overcome the cons. It has become the number one selling item in the US regions with its mind-blowing performances for the gardens, yards, and lawns. The Greenworks BA09B00 9Amp corded electric blower offers the battery-powered which is very impressive. If you like a corded leaf blower and want to save a lot of money, then this model is worth its price. This blower weighs 4.5 pounds and it reduces wrist or back problems. If you have any doubt you can refer to the manual.


The first appearance matters a lot, but in products, you can’t judge a product by its appearance unless you used it. This Greenworks 9Amp corded electric blower has slightly new changes as compared to its previous models. This corded blower is manufactured with more power and air blow that makes it even more striking and amazing to use. Your worries will vanish once you try this blower. Here are some key features mentioned below:

  • The corded leaf blower has a variable trigger speed; it is manufactured with wind speed up to 135MPH and 550 CFM.
  • This blower has a supper’s low power consumption
  • This machine can control precise speed depending on the customer’s convenience
  • The blower has high impactful impeller for efficiency
  • This tool has a very lightweight design with the best handling that reduces fatigue
  • This corded leaf blower has no vibration and makes less noise
  • This blower is manufactured with AMP motor that enhances the powerful performance
  • This tool also offers safety lock cord
  • It comes with 4 years of warranty

Greenworks BA09B00 9Amp Jet Electric Leaf Blower Reviews

  • This blower has a powerful axial design that provides 530 CFM at 130 MPH

  • This Greenworks leaf blower has a Safety cord lock that prevents the cord from disconnecting.

  • This machine has 9 Amp motor providing powerful blowing performance

  • The use of this blower reduces fatigue with cruise control.

  • The blower has a very lightweight construction of 5.6 lbs.

  • The customers have reported no error, it looks like perfect leaf blower for your yard, garden, workshop.


When we hear the name of greenworks then there is one thing that comes in mind is that it makes life easier. Once you decide to buy this Greenworks BA09B00 9Amp leaf blower, you will get many benefits. Opening the box you will find a cordless battery, string trimmer, lawnmower, and outdoor extension cord, so much in one box. These all things combine in one package, proves great cleaning clipping grass at its best.


Overall, when it comes to your yard or lawn, you don’t have to compromise as there are so many cordless leaf blowers on the market. This Greenworks 9 Amp leaf blower assists even in harsh conditions. This is why corded leaf blowers makes a triumphant item for your house owners. Now it’s time for you to jealous your neighbors, buy this blower and have fun while clearing leaves. I would rate this blower 4.8 out of 5, which is impressive. Here in this Greenworks BA09B00 9 Amp leaf blower review, we have mentioned all the details.

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