Greenworks 9Amp 130MPH Leaf Blower Review 2022

Greenworks 9Amp 130MPH review

If you are familiar with the green works company who happens to make one the best leaf blower of the modern century then it is obvious that they have launched new models as well. One of the recent one is Greenworks 9 Amp 130 MPH Leaf Blower that makes cleaning so much conventional and easy for house owners. It is great home equipment that can also use as cord lock system that prevent from disconnecting and designed for dual handling.

You can easily maneuver it for both smaller and larger areas. How it would fee when you make your way home and see leaves falling from trees, this can be very disturbing and awkward when you walk on wet grass and can’t do anything. Even you try to cut the grass still it will come out in few days, why now choose an alternative path that will assist you from ground up and give you perfect cleaning you hoped for.

There are many leaf blower models available in the market right now, each one has their own special and unique capacities to work with, but Greenworks 9 Amp Cordless Blower has managed to overcome the odds and become number one selling item in the US regions thanks to its latest technology and mind blowing performances for the gardens, yards, and lawns. You may also like Greenworks PRO 80V 125MPH Leaf Blower with lightweight and reduced emissions.

Features of Greenworks 9Amp 530CFM Corded Jet Blower?

You can’t a judge a product by its appearance unless you personally used it, Greenworks leaf blower jet blower has slightly new changes compare to its previous models with more power and air blow makes it even more striking and amazing to use. Once you try it out you will see all worries be gone for better. Here are some new features of Greenworks 9amp 530cfm jet blower:

  • Variable trigger speed
  • Wind speed up to 135 MPH and 550 CFM
  • Suppers low power consumption
  • Can control precise speed according to users convenience
  • High impactful impeller that provides max efficiency and airflow
  • Lightweight design with handling
  • Less fatigue
  • No vibration or noise
  • AMP motor gives even more powerful performance
  • Offers safety lock cord
  • Comes with 4 years of warranty

Greenworks 9Amp 130MPH Leaf Blower Review

  • Powerful axial design provides 530 CFM at 130 MPH
  • Safety cord lock prevents cord from disconnecting (cord not included)
  • 9 Amp motor provides powerful blowing performance
  • Reduce fatigue with cruise control and variable speed trigger.
  • Light weight construction at 5.6 lbs.
  • No error detected yet, looks like perfect leaf blower for your yard, garden, workshop.


A lot of you have question regarding whether or not this Greenworks 9Amp 130MPH blower is great for working for cleaning house dust or dirt. Then the answer is yes, this product is made with in a way to help you clean bedrooms, kitchen, sofas and other house items where dust is inevitable to avoid, where an ordinary vacuum cleaner does not reach, this one with its long range ability make the job done in no time.


When the name comes green works then there is one thing that comes in mind is that it makes life easier, once you decide to buy this Greenworks 9Amp 130MPH product there are many other benefits you will get from it, like cordless battery, string trimmer, lawn mower, and outdoor extension cord as well. All of these things combine in one package which will prove great for cleaning laves and clipping grass at its best.

Final Words

When it comes to your yard or lawn there is compromise because you need to have home equipment that works accordingly and provide you assistance even in harsh conditions. This is why Green works 9 Amp 130 MPH leaf Blower makes a triumphant item for the house owners to have in the first place. The time has come for you to jealous your neighbors and invites them to weekend party to show them how much you care about your backyards.



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