Greenworks 24022 2-Speed 230MPH Electric Leaf Blower Review 2020

Greenworks 24022 ReviewsMostly, the fall weather is a time when you need to maintain your yard; those who have a lot of trees on their property face the burden of disposing of the natural debris and leaves. A leaf blower is best to collect the leaves with ease and it reduces the time it takes to gather all debris and leaves. The cordless leaf blowers are the most popular tool to maintain your yard, it helps you push leaves into piles so that you can gather the piles into bags. Leaf blowers suck up the stubborn debris and immediately collect it in a bag. And In the end, you can dump the debris into bags so that you can dispose of it with greater ease. While some cordless leaf blowers include mulchers, which break down the material to save you space.

This product Greenworks 24022 2-speed electric leaf blower is one of the best leaf blowers. The blower comes with a 2-speed switch which delivers wind speed up to 230 mph. This machine has airspeed that is perfect for blowing away leaves and debris from your lawn and yard. It is a quick and easy tool that takes less time to change from blower to vacuum. This machine is designed to offer high powered performance and superior mulching capability.


The Greenworks blower + vacuum generates a 230-mph air stream so that your garden can be clear from leaves, sticks, and other yard debris. The machine can be easily converted with no tools from a blower to a vacuum. This tool comes with a 12-gauge + 100-foot extension cord or a 14-gauge +50-foot extension cord. The Greenworks electric leaf blower has a two-speed dial that allows better control for the blower and the vacuum. This blower has some amazing features that are mentioned below:

  • This blower has been designed to provide superior mulching
  • This machine gives the high powered performance
  • This Greenworks 24022 electric leaf blower has a powerful 12 amp motor
  • The motor of this blower generates 230 MPH / 375 CFM to clear debris, sticks, and leaves.
  • This cordless leaf blower has a 2-speed controller for better control in both blower and vacuum mode
  • This machine can be easily converted from blower to vacuum
  • The machine comes with a 4-year warranty that protects your investment

Greenworks 24022 2-Speed 230MPH Electric Leaf Blower Reviews

  • This machine is very lightweight that makes it easy to carry and use

  • This tool can be easily assembled and comes with a simple manual.

  • This cordless leaf blower is very simple to maintain

  • The Greenworks electric leaf blower has a powerful engine

  • The machine has less user fatigue as it has 2-speed adjustments

  • This product has 2-in-1 functionality for ease of customers

  • The machine is not perfect for long time cleaning jobs


Maintain a cordless leaf blower is very simple and doesn’t require a lot of resources. If you regularly take care of your blower, then you can save it from damage. This machine is very lightweight and can be easily carried along. It has a few parts which are very simple to assemble and then reassemble them very quickly. You should give your blower best fuel so it couldn’t have reason to stop working. This Greenworks 24022 2 speed electric leaf blower is best as it doesn’t require any hard maintenance and clean the yard very easily.


Overall, this cordless leaf blower is best to use for any type of situation, as it has 2 in 1 functionality. This machine can be converted easily from blower to vacuum and vice versa. If you are in research on the best electric leaf blower and vacuum then this is the best option for you. The Greenworks electric leaf blower will help you keep your yard free of leaves and other stubborn debris. It would be hard for you to take a good decision without knowing much about this blower, so here we go! Read Greenworks 24022 2-speed electric leaf blower review to clear your mind and choose the blower that is perfect for you. I would rate this blower 4.4 out of 5, quite impressive. Buy one for yourself so you can jealous of your neighbors.

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