Greenworks 24012 Leaf Blower Review 2022

Greenworks 24012 Review

If you have a smaller yard then Greenworks blower 24012 is an ultimate option for you. It Delivers 7amp power along with airspeed of 160 miles per hour that sounds pretty fast if used for smaller yards. Remember, the quality of work is more important than anything else, so Greenworks 24012 corded blowers will surely handle all the cleaning tasks without creating any hassle. It’s quite clear that this leaf blower isn’t suitable for medium or large yards as it is not designed for heavy-duty jobs; however, it will still work efficiently to clean your porch and yard with its utmost quality. It’s one of the best alternatives to those gas-powered leaf blowers that impose a serious threat to the environment and moreover, they also have additional fuel costs.

We understand that buying an electric leaf blower with utmost quality is a challenging task as the market has become quite saturated due to the availability of thousands of other popular brands. If you are thinking to buy a leaf blower for your small yard or porch then Greenworks Leaf Blowers will be the most suitable choice for you in an affordable budget without doing any compromise on quality.

Features of Greenworks 24012:

There are hundreds of features which you will get in this electric leaf blower review; however, due to the limitation of space we will be provide you step by step guide and discussing some of its core features below.

1) Neat Design

The design of Greenworks 24012 7 amp single speed electric 160mph blower is quite impressive because of its lightweight that makes easy for anyone to use it for long operations. If you are looking for efficient clean-ups but at the same time you don’t want to keep yourself in stress while cleaning your yard then you should consider buying greenworks 24012. If you have ever used leaf blowers before then you must be aware of this thing that electric blowers are often unplugged from the socket during handy operations, while using greenworks you don’t need to worry about this thing as it comes along with a safety cord lock that prevents it from getting un-plugged itself.

2) Less Noise

Greenworks 24012 is known for its noise free operations as compared to other corded blowers that create a lot of noise, especially during cleaning yards. You don’t need any sort of ear protection while using this silent machine as it creates very less noise, however, the quality of the cleaning work will remain the same.

3) Electric Start Button

It comes with an amazing electric start button as it makes this electric leaf blower handy as you don’t need to unplug it from electric socket every time whenever you want to take a short break.

4) No batteries and Charging

You won’t need any batteries to start using this electric blower because it works directly, all you need to do is just plug its cable in the socket and start using this powerful 7amp corded leaf blower.

Greenworks 24012 Leaf Blower Review

  • Lightweight design that doesn’t cause any stress on your hands.
  • Comes with a versatile cord lock for accidental unplugging.
  • Smooth operations with less noise
  • Affordable cost
  • Zero carbon footprints
  • It cannot cover large surface due to its Limited air velocity

What makes Greenworks 24012 works so well?

With blowing speed 160 mph makes it easy to work at the backyard with ease and as mentioned before, this machine emits absolutely no carbon fumes. It also has safety cord lock.

Why you should buy this Greenworks 24012 blower?

It is very easy to assemble. It weighs just 4.5 pounds fully assembled and its weight is manageable for just about anyone.

Final Words

This GreenWorks 24012 leaf blower is incredibly lightweight and it maneuvers with ease. If you want to find other uses for this blower, you should try to dry your car down after washing? It works like a charm. And price wise you might not find an eco-friendly machine like this at the price.

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