Garden Pruning Tools in All Shapes and Sizes

Gardening is probably a hobby that is enjoyed by more people than all other hobbies together. It’s convenient, involves physical exercise, and keeps people out in the sun and fresh air besides providing fresh fruits and vegetables for the dining table. One of the chores facing every gardener is pruning, or cutting off unwanted material from plants. This is done in order to keep the plant growing well, blooming more, and to make a garden look neater and nicer. To perform these pruning tasks, a gardener needs garden pruning tools.

You will find a wide range of pruning tools available in many shapes and sizes. Some pruning tools have long handles which can be used to reach places you can’t reach otherwise. Others look like scissors or saws. Because they are used to trimming purposes, hedge and grass shears can also be classified as garden pruning tools.

Pruning Tools to Extend Your Reach

There are areas in every lawn that are just plain impossible to get at using regular tools. Every gardener needs a long-handled pruning tool just for these instances. When you plant your bushes and trees, they are short enough to reach with regular tools and standing on the ground. As they grow, parts of them become more inaccessible. Then you have to start standing on a shaky ladder to reach the top branches. With a long-handled pruning tool, you’ll be able to reach them from the ground for a longer period of time, because the tool will add almost three feet to your reach.

The extreme in long-reach pruning tools are saws or clippers which will help your prune the topmost branches on averaged-sized trees. The tools are affixed to an extra-long pole. To use them, you put the cutting blades up where you want them and then pull a rope or wire to operate the mechanisms.

Pruning Tools Shaped Like Scissors and Saws

The most common type of pruning tools are the scissor-like ones. They are built with sturdy mechanisms and steel blades which will cut through average-sized branches and plant stems. If you need to cut something larger, such as a small tree or a thicker branch, you will need to use a pruning saw.

Most people who are just starting to garden plant small annuals, such as marigolds or zinnias, which don’t require a lot of pruning, so pruning tools aren’t really necessary right away. However, once your shrubs and trees start growing, you’ll want to add pruning scissors to your shop to have on hand when you need to cut them back.

Types of Garden Pruning Tools

There are many types of tools that can be used for garden pruning. They are secateurs, loppers, long reach pruners, tree pruning systems, saws and flower pruners. Some times special scissors are designed for use in the garden, which you can use when cutting flowers or dead heading plants.


There are a number of secateurs to choose from in this section, most of which are available with two different types of blade. Secateurs are also available in different sizes and for use left handed.


These tools are generally used for cutting thicker stems and branches that are too thick for secateurs. This section has four main types of loppers including products with telescopic handles, mini and lightweight models.

Long reach pruners

Ideal for cutting hard-to-reach branches, this group of tools includes models with telescopic handles, lightweight products and tree pruner systems and saws.

Tree pruning systems and saws

Pruning medium and high growing trees and shrubs can be made easier using these tree pruning systems. Garden saws have teeth specifically designed to cut live green wood.

Garden scissors

When cutting flowers or deadheading plants with thinner stems it is best to use scissors designed for the purpose. Long reach cut and hold models are useful for deadheading and gathering high growing flowers.