Garden Carts and Wheelbarrows

Do you know the difference between a garden cart and a wheelbarrow? Since they both have pretty much the same function, what’s the difference? A wheelbarrow generally has one or two wheels on the front and sides that slope. They are exceptionally good for transporting soil and gravel or other materials that will require dumping. Being able to walk behind it makes for easy maneuvering.

Garden carts have flat bottoms and need to be pulled by one or more persons. Garden carts are steadier than wheelbarrows and can usually handle larger tools. Smaller carts can easily carry tools and flats of plants plus other gardening supplies. Some carts come with sturdy covers which make for excellent seating to prevent bending and stooping while gardening.

Dolly cart garden carts are made of steel and sheet metal with a powder coating for rust protection. These carts are good for large gardens or large gardening projects like carrying mulch, top soil, fertilizers, and plants and for moving heavy garden tools.

For a beginner gardener with a small space, a small wheelbarrow or cart might be best for you, once you’ve sized up your landscape plan. Remember a bigger garden cart or wheelbarrow is not always the better choice if you can’t move it, so keep you physical limitations in mind before you purchase. If lifting is a problem get a wheelbarrow for the simple convenience of being able to just dump. Buy a cart or wheelbarrow of solid construction with smooth handles and a comfortable grip.

Remember also that metal will rust and that wood will warp (but it is durable) and carts or wheelbarrows made of heavy duty plastic should be UV resistant. As for maneuverability can’t be beat, especially when it comes to precise pouring and it will prove to be invaluable for gardening task that require hauling and pouring. Whereas some people a garden cart is a must for working around he yard and getting more work done in less time and the versatility and convenience of pulling a load is hard to match. Whichever you choose, the ultimate decision will be yours as to whether you choose wheelbarrow or garden cart.