Electric Leaf Blower vs Gas Leaf Blower

Electric or Gas? Finding the right kind of blower is a major concern to many especially to those who have the habit of cleaning the house regularly, especially during the weekends. This is where the benefits of electric blower vs gas blower are considered. Although both products work well in cleaning, there are certain differences that can interest or discourage people for buying any of them. The choice will of course depend on the standard of the person buying as well as his needs or demands. Things like safety, efficiency and durability are always among the utmost considerations. Of course when you buy a product such as this, what you want is the one that can serve you well and serve you for a really long time.

Electric Leaf Blower vs Gas Leaf Blower

Sides of the Coin

Both electric blowers and gas blowers have their respective advantages and disadvantages. There is a difference between the two and to take one will mean choosing which one has the disadvantages that you are more willing to take than the other. One difference would of course be the source of power for which it runs. Naturally, as the name implies, electric blower makes use of electricity to operate. Some kinds are equipped with long cords so that you can take the best leaf blower to reach your entire garden while it is plugged. Others however are rechargeable. This opted by many because there is no limit in the space or distance that can be reached. What is only needed is for it to be charged with power for a certain period of time. Once it is charged it can already be used in its maximum capacity within the time that the charge lasts.

Going The Distance

The gas blower on the other hand is loaded with gasoline for it to work. There is no need to plug it to anywhere as it will work on its own as long as there is enough gas in it. Because of this, gas powered blowers are usually heavier than the electric ones because it contains a tank that holds up the gasoline. Even so, it is still preferred by many because there is no limit as to the distance than can be reached by the one who is cleaning. It is known to be more heavy duty than electric ones because it is made of fierce materials. You will only have to hold up to its weight.


In terms of price, electric blowers are a little more expensive than the ones that make use of gasoline. It is becoming a trend now that people are always looking for ease and convenience in doing things. The gas operated leaf blowers however holds the edge when it comes to traditional gardening. It is also known to be safer because there is no chance of being electrocuted with it.

Bring The Noise

Another significant difference with electric blower vs. gas blower that can be the deciding factor for the buyers is the noise that it creates when it is being used. Electric blowers are relatively quieter than the gas ones as there are no motors that are running. It is more serene to use but if you are not after that, then you choose.