EGO Power CFM 480 3 Speed Leaf Blower Review 2022

EGO Power CFM 480 Leaf Blower Review

If you have any little doubt in your mind related leaf blower performances, then perhaps you haven’t got the chance to use one. One of the biggest and most important about blowers you have to pick that suits your needs and exactly like that EGO Power CFM 480 3 Speed Leaf Blower has emerge as victorious and recognized the most advanced rechargeable leaf blower available in the market.

It is the only to perform even better than many other gas powered models. You will see that this EGO power will give you performance of gas without any fumes, fuss, and noise. Prepare yourself folks, to see power beyond belief, most people who usually stick to the ordinary vacuums have to struggle to clear out gardens or lawns but this can prove too much time consuming and also gas leaks time after time you have to go and fill it.

But this on your side you can bet all your efforts will pay off, as it is made with turbine technology to give you high compact efficiency of all time. There are many new things this leaf blower do presents, inspired by the other models, it is lightweight, brushless motor, lower vibrations and long extended motor life makes EGO Power 480 Lithium Ion Cordless Blower makes a compatible product for outdoors with long battery life and charges. If you haven’t tried this one out yet, then I highly suggest you go for this one and become the expert you always wanted to be. You can also read about Echo PB-250LN Gas Blower cruise control, 2-stroke and lightweight.

Features of EGO Power 480 CFM 3 Speed Blower

One thing that forces people to buy such products is the features that show the core strength of it. Each leaf blower has unique properties, but this one has exceeds all of them and become market leader at the moment. You don’t have to look any further, just see the amazing features of it and decide yourself including,

  • The turbine fan engineered delivers up to 520 CFM
  • Can run up to one hour with lower settings
  • Higher brushless efficiency motor
  • Power + battery of 2.0 AH is compatible with all the products
  • Weather resistant
  • Aeronautics technology
  • Lightweight
  • Low vibration
  • Made with start of the art technology
  • Compelling design
  • First Cordless blower to work on gas
  • Can be set in 2 different speed settings
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty

EGO Power CFM 480 3 Speed Leaf Blower Reviews

  • Lightweight Construction
  • Compact and Portable design
  • Acceptable Noise (64 dB)
  • High-grade All Weather-resistant material
  • Runs up to 75 Minutes with a single charge of the Battery
  • Uses high-efficiency Brushless Motors
  • Quite heavy (weight 10.3 lbs)
  • Bit Low speed (92 MPH)


There are many different accessories does come with this model, that will help to assist you get the most of it in every way possible. You don’t need to buy any spare parts instead you get the complete package with it, here are some valuable accessories list such as:

  • Blower strap
  • EGO power backpack
  • AMP 2.0 battery
  • Blower tubes
  • Nozzle


The best part of owning this EGO POWER 480 CFM is that, you can take it anywhere you want. You not only just clean out leaves or homes but also prove to be your best friend in the long trip of summer or spring. You can set camp and use this to clear out debris and clip grass to make tent. This way you can use EGO Power CFM 480 full potential and get advantage as well.

Final Words

If you want to invest your money for outdoors then EGO Power CFM 480 3 Speed Leaf Blowers should be your top concern. It can give you results in no time. You can get this item at a very affordable price.



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