Echo PB-755ST 63.3cc Backpack Blower Review 2022

Echo PB-755ST Reviews

The backpack leaf blowers are the most effective tools that are used for getting rid of fallen dry leaves and also debris when you own a sizeable yard or lawn. The cordless backpack leaf blower contains straps that help to distribute the weight evenly on the customer’s shoulder and back. These types of Echo leaf blowers are excellent for prolonged use as they have more power. You can carry this leaf blower for an extended period without discomfort or fatigue. You can get a variety of backpack leaf blowers on the market, choosing the best one is hard but not impossible.

The Echo PB-755ST is a powerful gas-powered leaf blower that delivers an enormous blowing power with a maximum airspeed of 233 MPH. In spite of the width of the dry fallen leaves, the Echo PB-755ST leaf blower has a 2-stroke engine. The engine of this machine can get rid of all the leaves within a short time. It has a variable speed control that can be adjustable, depending on the number of leaves you are dealing with. The Echo PB-755ST is ideal for gardens, lawns and other places where fallen leaves and debris can cause problems. This machine has 68.3 oz. a fuel tank that can be used for very long. You might also like Echo PB-250LN or Echo CPLB 58V2Ah backpack gas blower buying guide.



The Echo leaf blower PB-755ST is very unique because of its specific features and most importantly its strength. This blower is a combination of unique elements that set it apart from some highly well-known competitors. It contains a raw engine that is perfect for commercial use. Its reliability makes it a solid prolonged investment for domestic purposes.


The Echo leaf blower achieves higher speeds with a maximum speed of 180 miles per hour. It has the perfect speed for blowing dry leaves and stubborn debris from long gardens and lawns. The PB-755ST blower contains perfect straps that rest on the customer’s back and offers ergonomically padded backrest. It will help you in long and hot workdays as it is a 28-pound machine light-as-a-feather.


The Echo leaf blower power and speed bring an equal increase in noise. Usually, all backpack leaf blowers are noisy as there no such thing as quiet. This machine noise level is as high as 74 dB, it comes with any required safety equipment.


The Echo’s backpack blower is worth its price, the actual cost covers a wide spectrum which is around $400. There no such price difference when choosing between the tube-mounted or hip-mounted blowers. If you purchase the new Echo PB-755ST leaf blower it comes with a five-year consumer warranty.

Echo PB-755ST blower Reviews

  • This machine is easy to set up and has simple handling. It has an engine power that is perfect for commercial use and has high reliability This backpack leaf blower offers ergonomically padded shoulder straps and a backrest.
  • The Echo PB-755ST would have been much better if it included a waist belt for additional comfort. It is noisy and a little bit expensive as well


This backpack leaf blower is well constructed with perfect size and handling. It can be used for cleaning yards and gardens with its perfect light design and being ergonomic. The Echo PB-755ST leaf blower is the best backpack blower that comes with comfortable straps. It is just 25 pounds and has a powered engine.


All branded backpack leaf blower is an excellent piece of tool used for dull and time-consuming yard work fast and fun. But the Echo PB-755ST is a more unique and amazing one. The straps of this cordless backpack leaf blower are designed to carry all kick-off leaves and debris swept in a bag. You will get to know about all the features and advantages of the Echo PB-755ST backpack leaf blower review. I would rate this blower 4.5 out of 5, impressive and eye-catching leaf blower it is. Once you try it you will never regret your choice.


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