ECHO Leaf Blower Reviews 2023 – Top Picks and Guide

It has been 40 years to ECHO incorporated for being a worldwide leader in the development and production of expert hand-held outdoor power tools. They produce utensils for both commercial and homeowner markets. This company comes in best product tool seller in North America, this brand has set the industry standard with its devotion to a new skill and quality products.

When the leaves start falling, the ECHO leaf blower will help you blow them away and make your garden look beautiful. All the products made by this company are of high quality and well-known among the costumers. The autumn period is the time of year when mostly your lawn, driveway, roof, and gutters need cleaning. And for cleaning and quickly relocation of leaves nothing can be much better than ECHO backpack leaf blower.

If you are one of the millions of landowners who want an excellent machine to have a beautiful appearance of your gardens and back yards, then you will love to use ECHO gas-powered leaf blower. The ECHO backpack leaf blower is an excellent machine that can help you tackle any challenge. This ECHO brand design leaf blowers that have the sheer power of 215 miles per hour.

The ECHO handheld leaf blowers are the lightest battery-powered leaf blowers you could find as well. When it comes to finding the greatest model of the ECHO blower brand, you need to make sure that you are capitalizing on a device that is proficient in fitting all your requirements.  You need to make sure to invest in an appliance that is robust, powerful, and long-lasting. Secondly, you want a device that isn’t too heavy, which makes work difficult.

ECHO PB-8010T Backpack Blower Review

ECHO PB-9010T Backpack Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 220MPH 40V
Air Volume : 1110 CFM
Weight : 31 lbs
Power Source : Battery Powered

Echo CPLB 58V2Ah Leaf Blower Review

Echo CPLB 58V2Ah Leaf Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : — MPH 58V
Air Volume : 550 CFM
Weight : 8.5 lbs
Power Source : Battery Powered

Echo PB-770T 756cfm Gas Powered Leaf Blower Review

Echo PB-770T 756cfm Gas Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 234MPH
Air Volume : 736 CFM
Weight : 24.3 lbs
Noise Rating: 74db

Echo PB-755ST Backpack Blower Review

Echo PB-755ST Backpack Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 233 MPH 20V

Air Volume : 651 CFM
Weight : 24.7 lbs
Noise Level: 74db

Echo PB-580T Backpack Gas Blower Review

Echo PB-580T Backpack Gas Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 215MPH 40V
Air Volume : 510CFM
Weight : 22.6 lbs
Power Source : Battery Powered


1) Echo PB-9010T Backpack Blower

Echo PB-8010 Backpack Blower Review

The ECHO PB-9010T 79.9cc backpack blower is for the serious professionals. It’s a beast that you can handle and blow the leafs away. A 79.9 cc 2-stroke engine provides the highest blowing capacity. It is coupled with a lightweight, innovative carbon-fiber frame you don’t sacrifice control when battling the biggest leaves and debris. Its blowing force is 20-30% greater than its competitors.

Its large fuel capacity is up to 77% more than the competition. With lightweight carbon fiber frame and fan case for reduced fatigue during daily use.

This heavy duty padded backpack for all day comfort that is riding high on the market list is the best ECHO PB-9010T backpack leaf blower, which manufactures a different variety of leaf blowers for fulfilling customer’s demand. There are many points that you have to consider while choosing the best leaf blower for your garden, backyards, and lawns.

2) Echo CPLB 58V2Ah Leaf Blower

Echo CPLB 58V2Ah Leaf Blower Review

The Echo CPLB-58V2AH is a cordless handheld leaf blower delivering 550 CFM at 145 MPH. It features a 2 Ah 58 V Li-ion battery.  This is simply for folks who don’t want a cord or gas trimmer. This Echo CPLB-58V2AH is part of the Leaf Blower test program in the yard. In our lab tests, Leaf Blower models like the CPLB-58V2AH are rated on multiple criteria, such as listed below:

The Motor is Brushless for Superior Power, Durability, and Run Time. Its variable speed trigger for ultimate power control; the turbo button delivers 550 CFM for a 28% boost in air volume. Featuring triple protection electronics, this 2Ah battery is equipped to prevent overcharging, overheating and overloading. Featuring innovative charging technology, this charger is equipped to protect and extend the life of the battery.

This cordless leaf blower has a maximum air volume at an airspeed of 145 MPH. A decibel rating of 62 dB, the CPLB-58V2AH is neither louder nor quieter than its rivals in the electric handheld category. Echo CPLB 58V2Ah has good maneuverability and is meant to be easier to carry around over a small period. Be aware that, at 8.5 lbs, the Echo CPLB-58V2AH is on the heavier side for cordless handheld blowers.

3) Echo PB-770T Leaf Blower

Echo pb-770t backpack blower Review

With the ECHO PB-770T Backpack Blower, this is a tool that the company intended to perform well as a portable blower with extended run-time and the ability to power a small aircraft or sailboat… near as we can tell, mind you. ECHO’s PC-770T Backpack Blower is so powerful you will never have to worry about bending down to dislodge something that’s sticking a bit, or getting enough air power to handle  damp or wet grass.

If it’s in the way, it’s going to move. If you tend to use small, compact handheld blowers. ECHO PB-770T backpack blower has a very large 68.3-ounce tank, that’s nearly 50% more fuel that can be carried around than what is offered by the competition. The Echo PB-770T is a gas-powered blower with a maximum air volume rating of 756cfm and an airspeed of 234mph. The engine boasts a displacement of 63.3 cc.

As you may or may not know. Its noise rating of 74 dB can be considered the standard for similar gas-powered backpack blowers. With a capacity of 68.3 fl. oz., this Echo blower is average when compared to other gas-powered backpack leaf blowers. This blower’s backpack functionality makes make it less exerting on the user, even when used for an time.

Its throttle is located on the tube, which allows you to keep your left hand free. Be aware that, at 24.3 lbs, the Echo PB-770T is on the heavier side for gas-powered backpack blowers.

4) Echo PB-755ST Backpack Blower

Echo pb-755st backpack blower Review

Echo PB-755ST gas-powered backpack leaf blower delivering 651 CFM at 233 MPH. It features a 2-cycle 63.3 cc engine. The Echo PB-755ST with 63.3 cc Power Boost Tornado engine is ideal for the most challenging work. Full, wide angle tube rotation for increased operator mobility. Extra-flexible tube for easy cold-weather operation. Easy-reach tube-mounted throttle with cruise control. Top-mount automotive-style super-duty air filter. Comfortable backrest with padded shoulder straps.

The PB-755ST, built by Echo, is a gas-powered leaf blower capable of expelling a maximum air volume of 651cfm. Its airspeed is rated at 233mph. Sometimes you just need a little more power, while other times you may want a littlte more precision when moving leaves and debris. That’s why the PB-755ST features variable speed settings for added control. The blower is fitted with a 63.3 cc engine.

As you may or may not know, 2-stroke engines require a mixture of gasolinet and oil in order to keep all the moving parts lubricated while fueling the engine’s internal combustiton. The fuel/oil ratio recommended by Echo for the PB-755ST is 50:1. With a decibel rating of 74 dB, the PB-755ST is neither louder nor quieter than its rivals in the gas-powered backpactk category. Its tank can hold 67.6 fl. oz., so it falls squarely in the average in terms of fuel capacity.

5) Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower

Echo PB-580T Backpack Leaf Blower Review

The ECHO PB-580T backpack leaf blower is 58.2 cc tube-style blower combines dependability and comfort with economical performance. The professional grade 2-stroke engine delivers superior power and durability. Features include a 4-point Vibration Reduction system, leaf guard, metal wear ring and pleated air filter for superior air filtration.

A vented back pad along with padded backrest and shoulder straps are designed for user comfort. Tube mount. 58.2cc. Air volume 510 cfm, max air speed 215 mph, 22.6 lbs. The Echo Backpack Blower model pb 580t takes outdoor clean-up to a whole new level as it has plenty of interesting features adaptable to residential and commercial properties alike.

The PB-580T, built by Echo, is a gas-powered leaf blower capable of expelling a maximum air volume of 510 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Its air speed is rated at 215 MPH. Sometimes you just need a little more power, while other times you may want a little more precision when moving leaves and debris. That’s why the PB-580T features variable speed settings for added control. Its noise rating of 70 dB can be considered the standard for similar gas-powered backpack blowers. With a capacity of 62 fl. oz., this Echo blower is average when compared to other gas-powered backpack leaf blowers.


The ECHO brand designers have manufactured outstanding leaf blowers which are very easy to handle with mind-blowing performance. But sometimes there can be disassembly or any flaw after daily use; ECHO leaf blower repair parts are easily available in the market at affordable prices. ECHO leaf blower attachments give you better aim and somewhat better control over the machine’s recoil.

The leaf blowers come with all parts and sometimes extra attachments as well. If you ever face echo leaf blower starts then die eventually, it doesn’t mean that there is any fault, but you have to just change the ECHO leaf blower carburetor adjustment. The ECHO cordless leaf blower also has a two-position stop switch that makes it easy to naively try to start the device with the switch in the off position.


Every company has some pros and cons and based on some motives. In this case, both the ECHO leaf blower and the Husqvarna leaf blower are known as the best tools in the world. They both brands have advantages and disadvantages means one win when they’re compared depending on your priorities. It is a very difficult decision to choose the perfect leaf blower often depend on the person’s needs and how often they’re going to use it.

If you are looking leaf blower within a smaller budget with powerful effects that will last for a long time, then the Husqvarna 150BT model is your best option. However, if you are looking for a premium choice for a professional that provides a perfect performing blower then the Echo PB-580T model is what you are looking for. Both the Husqvarna model and the Echo model are best in all aspects but mainly due to the price and quality they differ allot. Echo vs Husqvarna both have a huge difference in price while their quality is almost the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is an Echo leaf blower?

Echo is a much versatile brand of leaf blowers that is conveniently available in almost every price range. However; an average Echo leaf blower is easily available in the price tag between 52$ to 300$ that's why we call it a versatile brand.

Are Echo leaf blowers any good?

Yes, Echo is surely a smart choice when it comes to performance. As compared to other popular brands in the market, Echo leaf blowers are easily accessible in an affordable price range with all those features that are available in expensive brands only.

Where are the Echo leaf blowers made?

Echo is a well-known brand for making outdoor tools and it’s based in the United States. All the Echo leaf blowers are 100% manufactured and assembled within the United States.

Which is better echo or Stihl Leaf blower?

Every product has its pros and cons that's why we cannot elaborate a single brand and label it as better. Echo has a much more convenient starting process while Stihl takes multiple pulls. While Echo has fewer CFS than Stihl so it depends on your requirements.

What is the best Echo backpack blower?

ECHO PB-755ST BACKPACK BLOWER has always remained in talk of the town because of its excellent durability and performance that no other brand is offering in a very reasonable price range.

Is ECHO or STIHL better?

Both are better in terms of features but the Echo leaf blowers would be more reliable for beginners.

How do i tune my echo backpack blower?

These are the following steps that you can take to tune your echo backpack blower.

  • Keep the filters clean.
  • Keep an eye on the muffler.
  • Inspect the spark plug.
  • Do some routine checkups.

How do i adjust the carburetor on my ECHO leaf?

You can make the carburetor adjustment from an authentic and authorized echo expert. Before making adjustments make sure that the air filter is clean and blower pipes are properly installed.

What kind of gas does an echo blower takes?

Echo recommends using 89 Octane gas for powerful performance while you can also use some other gasoline too but the most recommended one is high octane 89.


No doubt, the ECHO brand is on the top of the OPE world. It is not a secret now that why so many lawn ads include an ECHO string trimmer, ECHO leaf blower vacuum, ECHO gas-powered leaf blower and ECHO leaf blower backpack edger. This brand is well-known for its performance and dependability. The ECHO leaf blowers are best and highly reviewed on the market. If you want great power tools with a brand name than go and search for ECHO power tools.

Firstly, list your priorities and choose which type of blower suits your requirements. ECHO Company provides you with ECHO electric leaf blower, ECHO handheld leaf blowers, ECHO battery-powered leaf blower, ECHO backpack leaf blower, and ECHO gas-powered leaf blower. After much research on ECHO leaf blowers, we find out that 2 best models of this brand with high rating and reviews are: ECHO PB-8010T backpack blower and ECHO PB-580T backpack gas blower. These two leaf blowers have tremendously unique properties with trustworthy qualities that will blow your mind with its high performance.



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