Dewalt Leaf Blower Reviews 2022 – Top Picks and Guide

The main things that matter a lot in the best product manufacturing company are good quality, affordability, and performance. To become a loyal brand you just need perfect customer support. The product quality of the DeWalt cordless leaf blower is top-notch. The Dewalt designs different types of leaf blowers that are Dewalt battery- powered leaf blower, Dewalt cordless leaf blower, and DeWalt backpack leaf blower.

You will get different variety of voltage manufactured by the Dewalt leaf blower brand. Whether you want DeWalt leaf blower 20V or Dewalt leaf blower 40V this company will fully fulfill your demands.

DEWALT Leaf Blower DCBL590X1 Review

DEWALT DCBL722B 40V Backpack Leaf

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 125 MPH 40V
Air Volume : 450 CFM
Weight : 7.39 pounds
Power Source : Battery Powered

Dewalt Leaf Blower DCBL770x1 Review

Dewalt DCBL772x1 Handheld Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 175 MPH 60V
Air Volume : 423 CFM
Weight : 9.8 lbs
Power Source : Battery Powered

DEWALT Leaf Blower DCBL720P1 Review

DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V MAX Leaf Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 95 MPH
Air Volume : 450 CFM
Weight : 9.7 lbs
Voltage : 20 Volts Battery Powered

Dewalt Leaf Blower DCE100M1 Review

Dewalt DCE100M1 Cordless Leaf Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 135 MPH 20V

Air Volume : 100 CFM
Weight : 2.5 lbs
Power Source : Battery Powered

Dewalt Leaf Blower DCBL790B Review

Dewalt DCBL790B Brushless Leaf Blower

Price : $$$
Air Speed : 120MPH 40V
Air Volume : 400CFM
Weight : 9.65 lbs
Power Source : Battery Powered



DEWALT DCBL590X1 Backpack Leaf Blower Review

When it comes to cleaning outdoor yards or gardens most people still prefer to stick to old fashioned way and end up sweating themselves, instead why not pick something that is worthy of your needs in form of Dewalt DCBL590X1 leaf blower and keep your yard and lawn leaf free this spring. It is a powerful blower that offers three types of functions to get your job done in no time.

Through this you can manage to blow off leaves and clean debris quickly. For blowing off grass and cleaning up after mulching, this Dewalt blower is awesome. This backpack leaf blower features a brushless robust motor and a 40volts and 7.5Ah battery, giving you the power to remove debris with air volume of 450cfm at the speed of 142mph.

From its battery switch on control handle to select which battery well to draw energy from or to lock the tool off. It has variable speed trigger with speed lock for added control to fit the application at hand. The DeWalt leaf blower DCBL590 features an active second battery as well for an additional battery and extended run time for large yards and big gardens. This is the best backpack blower that holds up to commercial use. Both batteries are compatible with all the other 40v outdoors tools.

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2) Dewalt DCBL772x1

Dewalt DCBL770x1 Hnadheld Leaf Blower Review

If you really want to use the best leaf  blower on a low speed, so with Dewalt DCBL772x1 leaf blower you can go for hours. Whether you are an expert or total new to own a leaf blower you will find few surprises along them by once you get your hands on this model. It can be used for heavy duty work and ideal for vacuuming pine needles, twigs, grass clippings, and leaves.

It uses anti-clog vortex tube impeller that prevents clogging while doing mulching. The most fascinating thing about it is that you can use one bag which the size of a 10 bags. Dewalt DCBL772x1 comes packaged with all the premium features which you will love and not many other blowers in its range. This 60v blower is powerful and will ensure that your tasks are completed on time.

It weighs 9.8 lbs. and measures 15 x 18 x 10 inches. Dewalt DCBL772X1 flexvolt operates at a volume 423 CFM and at speeds of 129 mph. Its variable speed trigger and speed lock provides you total power control. Its ightweight and ergonomic design maximizes control and minimizes stress on your arm. This leaf blower has many unique properties and work on two speed section that makes it versatile and enough powerful to remove unwanted leafs.

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DEWALT DCBL720P1 Brushless Handheld Leaf Blower Review

Dewalt DCBL720P1 Brushless Blower is an excellent option to consider when you look for a Dewalt leaf blower. As the name suggested Dewalt leaf blower is a brand that has been around and proudly serving its customers throughout the years. There are many features you will see in this blower but one that keeps it apart from others is having three in one built-in functionality to have a better experience.

Its rushless motor improves the durability and efficiency. It has innovative axial fan design ensures you get maximum air output and runtime. It blowes at 400cfm power at the speed of 90mph. This blower offers a variable speed trigger for adjusting blowing power and trigger lock for complete user control. This speed control feature allows you to increase the airflow when you require extra power. Its lightweight design is ergonomic to increase user comfort while in use.

DEWALT DCBL720P1 is your best tool you can count on when you want something refreshing and innovative idea of clearing leaves. Don’t confuse yourself while buying this dewalt leaf blower it is far better then other gas leaf blowers. Considering a Dewalt leaf blower, this Max power leaf blower is a solid option for you. Dewalt DCBL720P1 is most likely the ideal thing you can ask at this moment, because not any vacuum can take the place of a leaf blower and this one does prove to be even farther once you begin to use it at homes.

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4) Dewalt DCE100M1

Dewalt DCE100M1 Compact Jobsite Leaf Blower Review

Dewalt DCE100M1 cordless leaf blower is the combination of something extraordinary like you haven’t utilized previously. Along those times you waste looking for leaf blowers will pay off greatly once you decide to buy this one and let it help you in every way possible. Once you get your hands on this dce100m1 cordless leaf blower, you will see there are a considerable measure to involvement with special type once you blow off the leaves in idealize way, additionally in time your experience will improve with this one until you get the most out of it in time.

Currently this is the smallest cordless bloweroffered by Dewalt. It is designed for small jobs and dust clean up leafs and debris. You can blow the leafs at 100cfm at the speed of 135mph. It offers variable speed trigger allows adjustment of blowing power in use. Its a lightweight compact design allows use in space restricted areas.

Regardless of whether you are using it for homes or outdoors simply the learner who has no clue about how leaf blower functions. Be that as it may, it is protected to state that it is quite effective with cutting edge development of the leaf blowers that is made to cover not only one but rather various ways including housekeeping. You don’t need to think twice about the money, you can get Dewalt DCE100M1 cordless leaf blower at a very reasonable price to experience maximum benefits for years to come.

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5) Dewalt DCBL790B

Dewalt DCBL790B Brusless Cordless Leaf Blower Review

This DCBL790B brushless, battery operated, handheld blower from DeWalt is the perfect blower for a variety of jobs. Powerful and durable, this blower has a powerful air speed of 120mph and an air volume of 400cfm to easily clear heavy debris from any surface. Featuring a 6Ah premium high capacity battery(not included), you will get 50% more run time than the 4 Ah battery version.

The variable trigger and speed lock provide you with full control of the power. Weighing just 11.3 lbs. this blower will not stress out your arms and will let you work longer. Lithium ion batteries and a brushless motor maximized the motor life and run time. It easily clear heavy debris with up to 400cfm of air volume and air speeds up to 120 mph. You won’t need to dive into points of interest excessively.

Because of its turbine combination framework it can clear your yard in the quickest way that is available. Try not to get confounded by its appearance it has entire parcel energy to give you potential outcomes with zero time frame. They are distinctive things. It is made in an approach to give you comfort and more alternatives to choose leaf blower as well as sweeper, and vacuum with great powerhouse to meet your demands. So grab your piece right now at an affordable price.

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Dewalt is the best leaf blower’s brand, raising high in the list of the market, which manufactures a different variety of leaf blowers that fulfill customer’s demand. Before taking a decision, first, choose which type of blower suits you. Dewalt Company provides you with DeWalt electric leaf blower, DeWalt handheld leaf blowers, DeWalt battery-powered leaf blower, DeWalt backpack leaf blower, and DeWalt gas-powered leaf blower.

After, much research done by our gardening experts, we find two excellent models of DeWalt leaf blowers. Dewalt 60V cordless leaf blower is trustworthy and value for a money leaf blower that will blow your mind with its high performance. Mostly, people are impressed by sound free leaf blowers and this is one of them. The second one is Dewalt excellent 40v handheld leaf blower, battery-powered which can last 30% more than any other DeWalt leaf blower in the market.


People get irritated when they are getting different information’s from different sources, it becomes difficult to trust any of the sources. In this article, we have written all the information about the Dewalt brand after personally using different items of this company. The two source which we can refer you and you can fully trust are Dewalt leaf blower home depot and Dewalt leaf blower lowes.

After using different product tools of the Dewalt brand, we came to know that the brand is not only famous for its leaf blowers but manufactures the best home tools that will make your life easier. You will love the products of the DeWalt brand as they have the best quality and focus on the performance, affordability, and durability of the product.


With time the leaf blower is improving and getting more advanced, they are incompletion to fulfill the customer demands. If we compare DeWalt leaf blowers with echo leaf blowers, both are manufactured by well-known companies and embed the best qualities in their blower. The DeWalt cordless leaf blowers are powerful, but aside from that, its secure locking nozzle is a brilliant innovation.

This brand produces little bit heavy leaf blowers and has a low center of gravity that keeps the tool from being easily tilted over when set down. On the other side, the ECHO brand produces powerful leaf blowers. It has a metal-reinforced nozzle that is awesome. So I would say that your decision will be based on your requirements.


DeWalt is a worldwide famous American brand, which designs brilliant power and hand tools that are used for construction, manufacturing, and woodworking purposes. In 1923 Raymond E. DeWalt started the original company and the name grew quickly.

This DeWalt Company was started by Raymond E. DeWalt in 1922 and the first thing done by them was perfecting the first existing model of expert radiated squaring machine.  The company was based on the motive of innovation and on the will to satisfy the real needs of the customers. The DeWalt brand signifies a synonym of reliability, precision, and robustness in the world-wide market. In 1960, Dewalt Company was sold to the Black & Decker brand. The DeWalt brand is on their high-end line of tools, while Black and Decker are on their middle of the road series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Dewalt make a blower?

Yes, DeWalt offers a wide range of leaf blowers with different features. Moreover; DeWalt is one of the top brands known for making the best leaf blowers in the market.

What is a Dewalt blower?

A DeWalt blower is an outdoor tool that has a variety of applications such as blowing leaves from yards, debris, and other stubborn material that requires hot air flow with speed to blow it away.

How much is a Dewalt blower?

A standard DeWalt blower with all the basic features can cost you 200$+ and the overall price range varies from model to model.

How much are Dewalt batteries?

A Dewalt 20V Lithium Ion battery can cost you around 182.99$ while the price may increase with the battery type because DeWalt makes a variety of products with different specifications.

Are Dewalt Max and XR batteries interchangeable?

Yes, DeWalt 20V Max Lithium-Ion battery is fully compatible and interchangeable with XR batteries without any hassles.


DeWalt leaf blower brand is one of the biggest motorized machine producers in the world that is best for commercial and home use. This company manufacture woodworking tools, garden improvement equipment and produces the best leaf blower available on the market. This company has a long history with the customer’s brand association that develops relationships based on a matter of trust. Many people who clean their gardens and backyards on a daily or weekly basis will know how important it is to have a leaf blower in your garden cleaning tool kit.

If you are looking for a dominant power tool brand to make your garden look beautiful than the Dewalt leaf blower is the best option. DeWalt units are reliable and efficient with added advantages. They have a variety of leaf blower options for you, you don’t have to only stick with Dewalt cordless leaf blower or with DeWalt corded leaf blower. You would never regret your choice if you once used a leaf blower of the Dewalt brand.


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