Dewalt DWBL700 Corded Electric Leaf Blower Review 2022

Dewalt DWBL700 Review

One of the major automotive machine manufacturers in the world is DEWALT, they provide all from woodworking tools to the improvement of garden equipment. All models of DEWALT leaf blowers are the best ones available in the market, as this company is known for its trusted products. This electric leaf blower is famous among the people who often clean their garden, once you use the DEWALT blower you can’t remove it from the garden cleaning tool kit. People usually demand good quality product with perfect customer support, DEWALT leaf blowers come in 20V, 40V, and 60V power packs.

DEWALT DWBL700 is designed for contractor-grade performance and doesn’t have the hassle of gas. This leaf blower produces strong airflow that will help you quickly remove all debris and dry leaves. This high-quality DWBL700 DEWALT is manufactured at a very low price, it comes under $100. This machine is worth every penny you spend to buy it. This tool produces an airflow speed of 145 MPH; strong airpower helps you remove dried leaves and debris. It has a rigid design with a compact motor that improves the battery life of the product. This product is a corded-electric leaf blower with the best performance as compared to other leaf blowers. You may also like DEWALT DCBL770X1 leaf blower which power without gas and easy handling and grabbing.



This DEWALT DWBL700 blower has been designed with a standard round nozzle which helps you remove debris at 409 CFM of air volume. The maximum speed of this tool is 145 MPH. the machine comes with an embedded flat concentrator nozzle which raises the speed of the device to 189MPH. This electric corded leaf blower is meant to deal with the larger stubborn debris. This device operates at 12 amps, best for both indoor and outdoor use.


The DEWALT DWBL700 electric corded blower measures up to 9.8 pounds. This is an ideal tool because of its lightweight and comfortable handling. You will be able to operate this tool easily and for a longer period. The developers have made their electric power to boost the power desires of the consumers.

The best part is that this product also saves mixing and handling cans. This product is an ideal option for contractors who have shunned away gas-powered devices. Besides, DEWALT blower includes a 1 inch round concentrator nozzle this brings flexibility.


DEWALT DWBL700 includes a speed control that adds to your comfortability, it also consists of a speed trigger and a speed lock. The speed lock embedded in the machine allows you to lock a specific setting and can use it for the entire cleaning of indoor and outdoor gardens, yards, etc.

Dewalt DWBL700 Leaf Blower Review

  • This machine has a concentrator nozzle for high airspeed.
  • This corded leaf blower comes in a low budget with high performance.
  • This tool provides contractor-grade performance
  • It has a compact design and has a long product life
  • The company provides a 3-year limited warranty.
  • The one thing that lacks in this machine is that it is corded. You will need an easy linking to electricity in your garden otherwise the machine will not be able to work.


This machine is manufactured with high performance at a very low price that makes it the best customer choice. DEWALT DWBL700 is the best leaf blower as compared to other blowers in the market. You will never think twice, once you try this corded leaf blower.


This corded electric leaf blower prevents you from the irritation of dealing with fast-draining batteries. You don’t have to get bothered for its regular charging. Nevertheless, the sad part of the tale is that DWBL700 DEWALT Leaf Blower doesn’t contain a vacuum. You will get to know about all the features of this model in the DEWALT DWBL700 review. I will rate this model 4.4 out of 5; you will never regret your decisions. In short, if your time is worth more than money than purchase this item.





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