Choosing a Pair of Electric Pruning Shears

You absolutely have to have a pair of pruning shears if you’re going to have a great yard. It doesn’t matter if you prefer manual or electric pruning shears as long as you choose a quality pair that’s intended to last. In order to know what you’re looking for when you go out to buy pruning shears, spend some time on the internet researching your options.

What to Look For

You always want to consider the quality of the electric pruning shears you’re buying. One thing to look for is carbon-steel blades. You want something that won’t rust as well as a tool that will give you many years of service. If you don’t use them exceptionally hard and take care of them, they’ll be around to grow old with you.

Make sure that you choose electric pruning shears that you can handle easily and in safety. If you buy shears that are bigger or heavier than you can comfortably wield, even the safest pruning shears can be dangerous. If they seem heavy in the store, they’ll be really heavy after you’ve used them for awhile. So keep your safety and health in mind when choosing the pruning shears which are right for you.

You definitely want to find electric pruning shears that are easy to clean. Getting debris stuck in them and not being able to remove it can end up being a major hazard to anyone using them or even a casual bystander. If you have a hunk of wood you can’t pry loose, the next time you use the shears it could come flying out at you or anyone else around and cause serious injury. For safety’s sake, always buy electric pruning shears which can be completely dismantled after each use so that you can thoroughly clean them.

Choosing from the Three Major Types

You’ll find three different kinds of pruning shears on the market. The type you choose will be based on how you plan to use them. The first and most basic type of shears are the straight-bladed kind. These are the most versatile style of shears and are the easiest to use. In addition, they make the cleanest cuts. A second style that is generally used for ornamental grass have serrated blades. They are a bit harder to manipulate than straight blades are.

In addition to the two types of manual shears, you can also buy electric pruning shears. If you have a large yard and a lot of pruning work, this is the kind you should buy. They will make shorter work of pruning tasks while being easier to operate. They aren’t going to give you the clean cut look of manual shears, but if you’re looking to save time and effort, this is the route to go.