Chemical-Free Weed Control with a Garden Hoe

A lot goes into the growing of a garden, including the right tools for various jobs. Although it might not be as critical of a tool as a rake or a spade, a garden hoe serves a vital purpose in the creation of a fruitful garden. Hoes are designed specifically to get rid of garden weeds without breaking your back. When you go out to buy a new hoe, here are some of the things to look for.

While Hoeing is simple, entailing nothing more than grabbing the hoe’s handle. Compared that to the time and effort expended to apply weed chemical killer (mix it up, doing protective clothing, spray, then clean the sprayer), start a stubborn tiller’s engine or haul mulch.

If weeds are rampant, the only type of hoe that will kill them is a standard, large-bladed garden hoe, used with a not-very-pleasant chopping motion. This hoe is useful for hilling potatoes or mixing concrete.

Functions of a Garden Hoe

There’s no disputing the fact that weeds are the bane of gardeners. Much of the work in a garden is done in an attempt to keep the weed population from completely overwhelming the garden and wiping out the plants you are trying to grow. For awhile, there was a big push to use chemicals to kill garden weeds, but as more is becoming known about the negative effects of garden chemicals on the environment, many people are going back to the basics and using garden hoes to get rid of their weeds before the weeds get rid of their garden.

Garden hoes serve a two-fold purpose. They eliminate both the weeds in your garden and the need for harmful chemicals in weed control. A hoe can be used to carefully dig out weeds while leaving plants intact. Using a hoe erases the need for chemical weed control making it possible to grow fruits and vegetables in much healthier conditions.

Different Types of Garden Hoes

It’s a good trick to be able to remove the weeds from your garden while still leaving the root systems of your desirable plants intact. The depth of a hoe’s cut is one vital consideration when purchasing a hoe. Horticulturists recommend the use of a hoe with a shallow cut which will be effective but won’t damage plant roots.

A second important consideration when you’re looking to buy a hoe is what size of hoe you need. If you garden in a very small area, you won’t want or need a huge hoe. Get one that’s scaled down enough to fit the size of your garden plot. In addition, spend some time getting a feel for the hoe before deciding on it. You need to be comfortable with both the grip and the design.

It’s easy to see why so many people enjoy gardening. It’s very satisfying to pursue a hobby that provides a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables for your family. It is also a very healthy hobby which gives you plenty of opportunities for exercise. Having the right tools to do the job enhances the pleasure of gardening, too. Garden hoes are designed to help you finish the work quickly and comfortably.