Black & Decker LSW20 Leaf Blower Review 2022

Black & Decker LSW20 Leaf Blower Review

Are you looking for a perfect leaf blower that can easily clean debris from driveways, garages, decks or any other tough areas? With Black and Decker leaf blower, it’s now quite easy for you to clean your backyard without doing any hassle. It will give flawless handling and you won’t need to twist your wrist while using it to reach hard areas.

It is powered by 20 volt Max lithium-ion battery that gives a longer lifespan which is quite impressive as compared to other cordless leaf blowers in this price range. It comes with a built-in scrapper that efficiently removes wet leaves from the surface. It’s very comfortable leaf blower because it has a lightweight design aired by powerful airflow that gives matchless quality in a very affordable price range.

However, its 20V battery will give you complete freedom of mobility while it’s also environment-friendly as you don’t need` to worry about gas fumes. It’s a perfect solution for those people who are looking for a perfect sweeper for light-duty works. If you have light cleaning tasks on a routine basis especially on hard surfaces then you should give Black and Decker a try. We are quite hopeful that you won’t feel any regrets later on. You might also like black and decker bv6000 and Black and Decker LSW321  leaf blower review 2021.

Features of Black and Decker LSW20

The reason behind recommending Black and Decker LSW20 among various powerful blowers is that it offers some unique features in a very affordable price range that are rarely seen anywhere else.

20-volt powerful lithium-ion battery

This powerful 20v battery will make sure uninterrupted airflow so that you can easily reach hard areas. This 24 volt Max lithium-ion battery has a longer lifespan along with the charge retention that makes it effective for long cleaning operations.

Built-in scraper

It’s an outstanding leaf blower which is equipped with the powerful built-in scraper that will blow away all the leaves which are stuck to the surface especially in wet areas.

Works without making noise

As you know it’s powered by 20-volt powerful battery so you don’t need to worry about any sort of environmental damage because it works silently without compromising on quality. Unlike gas-powered leaf blower that makes everyone aware in your neighborhood, black and Decker lsw20 will work effectively without making a lot of noise.

Comfortable to use

It’s a lightweight leaf blower that delivers great sweeping power with its 20 volt Max lithium-ion battery. This cordless sweeper will enable you to remove all the debris’ around your home without worrying about mobility.

Black and Decker LSW20 Reviews

  • Lightweight machine.
  • It can easily move around.
  • Will handle tough cleaning operations.
  • Two years of Limited warranty.
  • There are some concerns about battery timings.


There are several types of leaf blowers available in the market, from gas powered to electric-powered leaf blowers. The Black and Decker lsw20 comes with the compact design that makes it easy for anyone to use it on hard surfaces without worrying about mobility. However, the only downside of this leaf blower is that it has a limited battery life which is not intended for heavy-duty operations. Now the choice is up to you; I will personally recommend you to try Black & Decker lsw20 leaf blower for light to medium cleaning operations around your home.





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