Black Decker BV6000 Leaf Blower Reviews 2019

Black & Decker BV6000 Leaf Blower Reviews and Complete Buying Guide 2019:

For the past many years people are using standard vacuum for cleaning debris and fallen leaves, just like they used to clean their houses. But there is a lot of difference between the two, you may use any kind of ordinary vacuum cleaners but the result will be the same with zero results, for that you can try Black & Decker BV6000 Leaf Blower 2019 which is a powerful tool and has taken the bar of standard innovation of leaf blowers into a whole new level. This is the only equipment that has evolved into from small machine into portable electric vacuum.

There are so many people who love who own their personal yard or small park that gives them joy to spend their weekend with joy, but instead doing that they all end up wasting time cleaning leaves and grass. This can be very frustrating and annoying for such conditions, but if you just think a little smarter and choose the right equipment then the story will be different.

Nowadays, reliability and efficiency is in demand right now, when it comes to leaf blowers and fortunately, Black & Decker High Performance cordless Blower is a true powerhouse that give home owners various benefits to the job done in no time and all the money would paid off greatly. For small lawns or yards you can bet this outdoor can provide its service for a long time. You may also like BLACK DECKER LSW221 20V Max Cordless Sweeper 2019 which is lightweight and low noise.

  • What type of features you will get from Black & Decker Blower/Vac/Mulcher?

For those of you who don’t know that black + Decker is a very high performance blower with three different settings to blow off leaves and forcefully clean up the garbage faster. Many of you may find this surprising to rely on such short piece of equipment for this big job, but you will get a better experience once you get your hands on it. Here are some incredible features:

  • 12 AMP motor works great
  • Offers 3 in 1 functions of vacuum, mulcher, and blower
  • Two type of air selection style
  • Air speed 160 MPH
  • Offers a disposable leaf bag
  • Easily grind up more than 15 bags of mulch
  • Easily switch between the blower and vacuum
  • Built in retainer cord
  • Lightweight of 7.5 lbs
  • High impactful metal fan
  • 50% less quieter and less noise
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty

Black Decker BV6000 Leaf Blower Reviews

  • This blower blows through leaves and debris with ease of air speed (250 MPH)
  • Disposable leaf bag system for easy, no hassle leaf disposal
  • Acceptable noise (68 dB)
  • 2 Speed selections for flower beds and powerful enough for matted leaves
  • Decent air volume (400 CFM)
  • Quite heavy (8.1 lbs)

How many accessories come with this product?

This is a heavy duty leaf blower that is an ideal choice for blowing yard and leaf debris. This makes vacuuming so much easier and with that you can find great comfort and new kind of experience like never before. There are many great accessories comes with this one that will give you advantage while blowing the leaves, once you get your hands on you will feel surprised by the performance of it.

1) Vacuum tube

2) Blower tube

3) Reusable empty EZ bag

4) Concentrator

Using vacuums for homes has become a daily routine and you can take great advantage from it by using this leaf blower for cleaning your homes as well. Thanks to its tool free changing system makes the process uninterrupted and with less than half an hour you can easily clean up your homes, also clear sidewalks, driveways, decks, and garages as well.

Recommendation level 4.2/5

  • Why picking this will be a great idea?

Black & Decker BV6000 Leaf Blower 2019 is a model that is designed for small and big yards. Once you charge it you don’t need to plug it to the socket for next 4 months and you can probably get this one an affordable price as well.


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