Black and Decker BV6000 Leaf Blower Review 2022

Black & Decker BV6000 Leaf Blower Review

People have been using the standard vacuum for cleaning debris and dry fallen leaves, but there is a lot of difference between the two. Any kind of ordinary vacuum cleaners that you will use will give you zero results, but when you will try Black and Decker BV6000 Leaf Blower that is a powerful tool. This electric leaf blower has taken the bar of a standard of innovation into a whole new level. This machine has evolved from a small machine into a portable electric vacuum, which helps you clean up your yard or small parks. It becomes very frustrating and annoying sometimes when you are using a vacuum to clean up leaves and grass. But if you act a little smarter and choose the right equipment then the story will be different.

Nowadays, what matters more is reliability and efficiency when it comes to leaf blowers and luckily, Black & Decker BV6000 cordless blower is a true powerhouse among all the others. This model has given users various benefits to doing a job done in no time and all the money would be paid off greatly. You will like Black & Decker BV6000 Cordless Sweeper because of its lightweight and low noise. You might also like black and decker bv6000 leaf blower review and buying guide.


The black + Decker BV6000 is a very high-performance blower that has three different settings to blow off leaves. It is very fast and forcefully clean up the garbage and dry leaves. Many of you may find this shocking that you have to rely on such a short piece of equipment for this big job, but this model is worthwhile to you once you try it.  Here are some far-fetched features:

  • This cordless 3 in 1 leaf sweeper has 12 AMP motor that works great
  • It offers 3 in 1 system that includes vacuum, mulcher, and blower
  • It has two types of air selection style that is impressive
  • It realizes airspeed 180 to 250 MPH
  • This model offers a disposable leaf bag to easily clean yards
  • It can easily grind up more than 15 bags of mulch
  • This tool can easily switch from blower to vacuum and vice versa
  • It has in-Built retainer cord that makes it perfect to use
  • The black and decker BV6000 is very Lightweight up to just 7.5 lbs
  • It has a high impact metal fan that is 50% less quiet
  • The model comes with 3 years of warranty

Black Decker BV6000 Leaf Blower Reviews

  • This incredible cordless leaf blower easily blows leaves and debris with an airspeed of 250 MPH It contains a disposable leaf bag for easy leaf disposal with no hassle. It has acceptable noise of 68 dB which can be used for quiet operations It has 2 Speed selections and powerful enough for matted leaves It has very decent air volume up to 400 CFM
  • The black and decker BV6000 leaf blower is quite heavy (8.1 lbs) than its rivals

This Black and Decker product comes with many great accessories that act as an advantage while blowing the leaves. Once you get this blower in your hand you will feel surprised by its highly based performance. I will rate this amazing product 4.7 out of 5 because of its 3 in 1 quality with marvelous performance. This blower contains:

  • A vacuum tube
  • A blower tube
  • A reusable empty EZ big bag
  • A Concentrator


The black and decker BV6000 is a heavy-duty cordless leaf blower that is an ideal choice for clearing yard and leaf debris. This tremendous featured leaf blower has made vacuuming so much easier and is highly comfortable to use.


Overall, this black and decker BV6000 leaf blower are amazing not just because of its 3 in 1 system but also it gives amazing results while using. You can use the vacuum for your home daily routine and also its leaf blowing feature for cleaning your yards, garden, and footpath. You will be shocked by its tool-free changing system that makes the process uninterrupted. You can clean up your homes, sidewalks, driveways, decks, and garages within less than half an hour with this cordless electric leaf blower.

You will get to know about all the details about this model in black & decker BV6000 leaf blower review. I would recommend you to once try this model and get benefitted.

Black and Decker BV6000 Leaf Blower - Specifications




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