Black and Decker LSW60C Cordless Leaf Blower Review 2021

Black and Decker LSW60C Cordless Leaf Blower ReviewBefore you read about Black and Decker LSW60C Cordless Leaf Blower Review 2021, let me tell you that you are at right place. If you are one of the millions of property-owners all around the country, you might need a leaf blower that can battle against your leaves and make you win. The function of a leaf blower is simple but difficult without one. It simply helps you to eliminate all that leaves and debris from the trail to your property. The old standby rake got much advanced and now you have simple leaf blowers that are very easy to use.  It might get very challenging when you begin to study the models and have to choose the best one for your garden can get very tiresome. Yet, one of the famous names out there, Black and Decker LSW60 cordless blower which is an impressive unit that is great to use & highly affordable. You might also like black and decker bv6000 leaf blower review.

Product Details of Black and Decker LSW60C

So, today our main focus will be on the best black and decker LSW60C 60V Max power boost blower. It has a tremendous power boost system that guarantees more power with the touch of a button. Just pressing one power boost button you can easily clean up heavy debris from your yard. The average voltage of this battery-operated sweeper system is 60V and the nominal voltage is 54V. For enhancing the high performance an axial fan design is embedded in it. The air velocity is 400 cfm (cubic feet per minute). It can supply 100 mph airspeed which is perfect for eradicating unwanted leaves, dirt, and debris.

The black and decker LSW60C cordless blower is manufactured with a metal scraper that allows you to lose the clogged debris. One of the best features of this product that make it eye-catching is its user-friendly handle design. The modern handle design makes the work comfortable and easy. The leaves blower comes with an in-built charge indicator which displays how much power you have at all times. The weight of this black and decker is 9.7 lbs and it has an almost 3-year limited warranty.

Black and Decker LSW60C Reviews

  • The handle design makes it very easy to use
  • It effectively loses the blocked debris
  • It has an in-built power charge indicator
  • It has a well-balanced blower
  • Best battery timings that last for 12 to 15 days
  • The costumer’s complaint about the defect in battery and charging system
  • While in operation the Black and Decker 60v max battery-operated sweeper (LSW60C) seems less powerful.


Black and Decker LSW60C cordless blower is becoming the talk of the town because of its power-boost to clear heavy debris. Now it is easy to clear your gardens with leaves, as it has an axial fan design that delivers up to 400CFM that enhances the performance. The maximum battery voltage is 60V and the nominal voltage is 54V, which makes it people’s choice. The best feature is its comfortable ergonomic handle design that is used to increase the power of work. The device works on battery, once you charge it, it works for more than 10 days.


You will come across many battery-powered leaf blowers that you can choose from, but I’ve tried to narrow down the features of Black and Decker LSW60C cordless blower. Usually, people look for safety, features, and power in a leaf blower, black + decker LSW60C is what you are looking for. Don’t think twice, if you find the features you are looking for gear up and order now.



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