Black and Decker LSW321 Cordless Leaf Blower Review 2022

Black and Decker LSW321 Cordless Leaf Blower Review

Black and Decker LSW321 is one of the ideal leaf sweepers for clearing driveways, footpaths, gardens and other surfaces of grass trimmings, leaves, and other lawn wreckage. You can get various outstanding features at a very affordable price.  It has 130 MPH power that is best to clear debris from hard surfaces. Black and Decker LSW321 leaf blower is manufactured with low noise design that allows for quiet operation. If you are looking for a portable and expedient leaf blower, this model is a strong nominee.

It is designed with easy handling and its size is best to carry and store. Among other battery-operated blowers, the Black and Decker LSW321 sweeper can be considered light, weighing only 3.7 lbs. This blower does not have multiple speed settings. Once the leaf sweeper is turned on, it functions at the same speed. You might also like black and decker bv6000 leaf blower review.

Features of Black and Decker LSW321

It contains tremendous features that attract people’s attention who are looking for the best Black and Decker LSW321. Here, you can study all the core features in detail:


Most of the time people want a light-weight leaf blower for their daily use. If your blower is less equipped and heavy it makes your work more hectic. Since this blower weighs only 3.7 lbs, you wouldn’t face any trouble moving around with it.


The Black and Decker LSW321 has a speed of 130 MPH. The speed is appropriate enough to do the required job needed. The speed is fast also it produces low noise. The LSW321 doesn’t have multiple speed settings that means once the blower is turned on, it always operates at the same speed.


One of the great things about this tool is that it fits nicely with a lot of customers’ budgets. It is fair to say that the LSW321 is more affordable than most big brand leaf blowers, as its price is $ 72.99 to $ 99.9. Moreover, it is also more basic than many competitors that are currently available. Extra features are going to cost you money.


This Black and Decker leaf blower has a maximum air volume rating of 100 CFM and an airspeed rating of 130 MPH. It is designed with an embedded battery-operated unit with total mobility in mind. The Black & Decker LSW321 only needs to be plugged in when it is charging and has a standard, full-charge run time of up to 25 minutes.

Black and Decker LSW321 Leaf Blower

  • It is best to use in any type of weathers
  • It is very easy to grip and to handle because of its best handling design
  • It is suitable to use when to have to assemble leaves
  • It is very easy to carry
  • It is noise-friendly means allows for quiet operation
  • It takes much time to charge its battery for longer use
  • Some customer rated as flimsy.


As you all will be aware of the fact that every leaf blower will be noisy to a certain extent. But Black and Decker LSW321 has been designed to run more quietly than most of the similar products. If you want to do a less noisy operation than this tool is best as it has an in-built noise lessening system, this blower should be a suitable option for you.


The battery charging may depend on a variety of factors like how much energy is being used? And where you have plugged it for charging? LSW321 is made with one lithium-ion battery, can generate a current of up to 1.5 Ah. It is also referred to as the power-command sweeper.


The best purchase is based on what you prefer, as every product is similar in terms of functionality. Mainly leaf blowers are used to conveniently get rid of leaves and debris. In this black and decker LSW321 review, we have covered all the positive and negative aspects of this product. The affordable price and generally good performance for basic tasks make black and decker LSW321 customer’s choice. You might also like Black and Decker LB700 corded blower review.


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