Best Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews 2023

The Cordless leaf blower can help you finish the work quite faster and with good results. Most people do not like fallen leaves in their yard or grounds but the use of vacuum cleaners can limit the practice of your time and money. The leaf blowers must offer great performance at an affordable price.

If you do not want to hate that time that to happen, you need the best cordless leaf blower. It’s the reason in this review we have compiled the list of 10 best cordless leaf blowers with a variety of features, so you can easily pick one that suits your priorities. Using any of the stated cordless blowers you can pile up all the leaves and stubborn debris and end up with a clean garden.



A big backyard requires an efficient leaf blower that can gratify all your cleaning needs. Makita XBU02PT is one of the best leaf blowers on the market powered by 18V 5.0Ah batteries. These batteries ensure powerful airspeed up to 120 mph with airflow up to 473 CFM. This cordless blower comes with an extended runtime of 28 minutes that is enough for clearing debris or leaves from a medium-sized yard.

The product produces zero emissions as it is an environment-friendly leaf blower on the market. Makita XBU02PT1 leaf blower includes an adjustable speed control trigger with the 6 stage selection of air velocity dial. These dials give full control to the operator to alter its airspeed for different types of cleaning tasks.

As known by most of the people Makita XBU02PT1 is a leaf blower cordless that consents you to cover more areas for cleaning as compared to other corded blowers.

Makita leaf blower comes with an impressive air velocity of 120 mph that will be sufficient enough to clean all the debris and leaves in your backyard within a given time. This cordless leaf blower kit includes two backup batteries that contribute extend in the runtime, especially for hard cleaning jobs.


Best Cordless Leaf Blower

When leaves keep on falling it is a very cumbersome task, firstly you have to rake all the stubborn debris and dry leaves away again and again. Then you need the best technology to rescue you to complete the task easily, for this; a leaf blower is a pretty common tool. The latest cordless machine is black and decker blower LSW36 with extra qualities for safe and easy to use.

This black and decker leaf blower works on electricity and can even operate on gas. This machine can be easily learned even a lay-man can easily operate this best cordless leaf blower. The black and decker LSW36 cordless leaf blower is extremely light-weight and comes with a strap which reduces force on your spine. The important part is what you are choosing for yourself, the ideal best cordless leaf blower that will be great for your yard.

The Black+Decker leaf blower LSW36 is manufactured with an awesome design with great features. This cordless blower is just 4.7 pounds and intended for lighter operations. This electric machine comes with no extra maintenance and has the extra soft gripped handle, which easily balanced during work. It is best lithium-ion cordless leaf blower with 40v battery and maximum airspeed up to 120mph.


Best Cordless Leaf Blower 2022. HUSQVARNA 150BT Review

This Husqvarna leaf blower can move a lot of air; it has a maximum airflow of 434 CFM while its maximum airspeed is capped at 250mph. This machine is best to move all sorts of debris, both heavy and light, leaving your lawn and yard in good shape. The fan speed of this leaf blower can be adjusted by the user to fit their preferences.

Husqvarna gas powered leaf blower specially designed tool for large lawns, gardens, and yards. This machine comes with the 2-stroke X-Torq engine, which is assured to complete all tasks with ease. The engine of Husqvarna 150bt cordless leaf blower depends on gas; as this product has a consumption rate of less than 20%.

The emission of this device is greatly reduced to a maximum 60% standard two-stroke engine, also comes with tube throttle controls. The controls help this blower to work perfectly with the cruise control functions. This Husqvarna leaf blower weighs slightly over 23 lbs and it measures 79 x 19 x 19 inches.

This cordless leaf blower is not as heavy as compared to other best backpack leaf blowers on the market. This best commercial backpack blower is designed with padded shoulder straps; handles that can be easily adjustable, as well as a hip belt, can also be adjusted. These features make this husqvarna device unique and comfortable to use as compare to other competitors. This leaf blower is also easy to start and has lock speed functionality to use a uniform calibration.


Best Cordless Leaf Blowers. DEWALT DCBL770X1 Review

Dewalt DCBL770x1 leaf blower is an exceptionally most powerful handheld leaf blower, which helps you to clean all the debris from your yard within minutes. Dewalt cordless leaf blower has a 60-volt max handheld blower with a brushless motor, which works quite efficiently to clean backyards and grounds. This machine has a lithium-ion battery powered with a quite lightweight. This most powerful cordless leaf blower will blow up all the fallen leaves with an impressive air volume of 400 CFM.

This Dewalt leaf blower comes with the variable speed controller like any other popular leaf blowers, which enables you to control its airspeed and adjust accordingly. It is a lightweight leaf blower that’s why it has an impressive ergonomic design that reduces stress on your arms enabling you to continue your cleaning operation.

This blower comes with the wide nozzle which also helps you to push the leaves from narrow surfaces. You can adjust its air volume by using a flat nozzle that will be quite sufficient enough for the persistent material. When fully charged the product delivers an impressive run time of 15 minutes, which is enough to complete your job with efficiency.

This cordless leaf blower delivers a maximum airspeed of 129mph, which is quite powerful in this range as it costs less than 300$. The machine is designed in such a way that it produces less noise and vibrations, which is seldom seen in any other cordless leaf blower.


GREENWORKS 40V Battery Blower Review. Best Cordless Leaf Blower.

You want to have a beautiful yard or lawn with help of awesome leaf blower cordless, no magic folks only logic with better equipment for your lawn. Greenworks 40V 185 MPH leaf blower is an efficient and up to your expectations. This blower is manufactured with a powerful design motor technology to provide true performance. This 40 volts cordless leaf blower comes with a 4.0 AH battery charger that gives you the option to choose from small to long-range with compatibility.

This Greenworks leaf blower comes with single high performance and lithium-ion battery, once you charge it you no longer have to worry about again plugging. Most people enjoy vacuuming their houses and garden because they think they will get stuck in the middle of cleaning but Greenworks 40V 185mph variable speed cordless leaf blower makes life quite easy. It is a lightweight blower with extra features and affordable price.

This cordless blower has a great deal to sweep and gather all the fallen leaves + stubborn debris, which performs the work quickly and efficiently, with no annoyance. The variable speed dial of this best cordless leaf blower offers maximum power up to 185mph, which is eventually vital for cleaning the yard. Most importantly this leaf blower is eco-friendly that performs without creating any noise and doesn’t annoy you. Lastly, this blower is easy and safe-to-use with a reliable robust tool, which can be carried along easily.


Makita BBX7600 Commercial Grade Leaf Blower Review

This Makita BBX7600N power leaf blower is just incredible, it works better than what you could expect. Mainly like all other leaf blowers, it clears up dry leaves however it can be quite difficult to move wet leaves. This product can clean up dry and a wet leaf, which is why this could be the best leaf blower cordless you could buy. This cordless leaf blower has padded straps, which are especially helpful when you are using the product for a long period.

This blower is quite uncomfortable after a while when there is no support on your shoulder. The padded straps of this blower make a difference and make it useful. This cordless leaf blower is very fuel-efficient that makes it great because a lot of leaf blowers would not be fuel-efficient. The size of this Makita leaf blower is perfect, there is totally no issue with this blower and you can use it easily without any trouble.

The blower is designed with lightweight with a 4-stroke engine and 75.6cc. This tool is very powerful and once you refill the tank it will last you for much longer. This best backpack blower also meets EPA and CARB exhaust and also the evaporative emissions regulations which make it comfortable and reduce harm. This cordless leaf blower is a great tool for commercial use.


TORO 51619 Ultra Blower Review

The Toro 51621 is an impressive electric leaf vacuum and blower have dual properties of vacuum as well as it can blow the leaves from the whole yard without running out of battery or gas power. This electric corded leaf blower needs to be plugged into a power source, this plugging limit your movement range. The cord of this blower is a couple of feet long, so you’ll probably need an extension cord.

This Toro leaf blower comes with 3 tubes for multiple purposes. The power insert tube of this blower is great for creating a pile, secondly, the concentration tube is a lot thinner and it moves the stubborn debris out of edges and lastly, the main tube moves all the trash away from the house and pathways. The best part is that all three tubes can be used for both blowing and vacuuming purposes.

This extravagant Toro 51621 is 41 inches in length which allow it to use the full potential up to 12 amp motor and 250 mph maximum airspeed. The variable speed can be easily adjustable with just a simple linked knob. The vacuum phase of this blower also has the metal impeller, which shreds up to 88% making the fine mulch of leaves. This 3 in 1 corded machine can be easily convertible from vacuum to blower and vice versa.


WORX WG591 Leaf Blower

One of the best tools to clear debris and leaves from your long-range garden and yard is a cordless leaf blower. It is good to point out that in only a couple of rounds you can move toward layman to an expert of the open air. This new and surprising WORX WG591 turbine 12Amp corded leaf blower 2023, you can make your neighbors jealous. This blower is one of a kind of most attractive leaf blower that is accessible in the recently developed.

Usually, the people essentially get exhausted from brushing off leaves since this machine gives constrained power. This machine also requires an electrical plug to complete whole work and wind up time-wasting in the center of the process. This blower is a medium-sized that is improved with a capable motor, WORX turbine 12 Amp produces 120 MPH and 450cfm. This best output blower unquestionably makes the bustle simple and enables the client to utilize its controls and limits. This cordless leaf blower has advance technology of fan turbine technology that makes it high powered and the best leaf blower on the market in the recent era.

The WORX leaf blower has fan turbine technology that takes blowing to a new level. This blower has a high-capacity air volume by sweeping the driveway and sidewalk by piling up leaves on a fall. The TURBINE leaf blower is manufactured with a lightweight, ergonomic and powerful design that makes it impressive.

9- Metabo 18V Cordless Blower

Metabo Cordless Blower

This handheld cordless blower is ideal that makes life more comfortable and flexible than backpacks. Former Hitachi is now Metabo ‎602242850 cordless blower is one such leaf blower that is a manufacture that is ‎0.32 ounces device will save both your time and energy. This cordless blower is powered by a 18V commercial-grade engine with 2-stroke, which gives more power. This blower provides the freedom to finish your jobs on time without any fuzz and buzz and have less consumption of gas.

Metabo leaf blower also includes an untainted fire with low emission engine technology, which provides customers with an environment-friendly tool. This leaf blower is ideal as it has an air velocity of 170 mph and a CFM of 441. This blower ensures that all debris and stubborn leaves either wet or dry is cleared. Metabo has been designed with high-quality material; it is built to serve for long. This machine has the best and easy handling that makes this cordless blower ideal for storage and transportation.

The Metabo ‎602242850 cordless blower will be able to securely clean the yard, garden, and even lawn. Furthermore, it will give the customer the power they need with the 7-year warranty. This cordless blower is lighter than many gas-powered machines including an adjustable speed trigger and an extra two-finger throttle device. This device has an ideal set of specific settings with ultimate control and is manufactured with a detailed manual.



The Poulan Pro PR48BT leaf blower is a more economically valued backpack leaf blower; it is the best cordless blower review if you have a tight budget. This Poulan PR48BT leaf blower has a 48cc two-stroke engine, which has a variable speed control so you can adjust the perfect speed. This cordless leaf blower model has a heavy-duty frame, which makes it best for commercial use that’s capable of taking hits without getting damaged.

This machine has attached adjustable shoulder straps with a big hose for challenging tasks and it also reduces stress from your back. Poulan Pro leaf blower is an affordable best commercial leaf blower, despite having a slightly smaller 48cc 2-stroke engine. It offers maximum airspeed 200 mph and airflow of 475 CFM.

This blower has extra features like heavy-duty frame and backpack-style straps that offer good comfort. The backrest of this blower offers good support with well-placed trigger control and a flexible pipe. This blower is manufactured with a 2-year warranty, which is very reasonable for a commercial backpack leaf blower in this price range.

It is a very lightweight leaf blower, just up to 22 pounds, that does not sacrifice power in any case. The machine offers excellent comfort and it is a great deal of time working in large areas with reducing the strain on your back. The load-reducing yoke of this leaf blower is designed with lengthened and adjustable shoulder straps.

Choosing the Right Leaf Blower for Your Yard or Garden

Leaf blower is a very basic garden tool but deciding one out of many is much difficult. The cordless leaf blower has removed much of your worries about in terms of safety and fundamentally, people want to get the best performance at hand. With the help of this detailed information, you’ll be able to find the perfect leaf blower for your needs.

There are many types of leaf blowers from which you have to choose according to your priorities, whether you want a leaf blower for commercial or home use. You may find vast majority of platforms on the internet having some sort of biased reviews about some particular leaf blower brands just too full fill their lust of getting affiliate commissions unfortunately.

However, as far as our authenticity of information is concerned, then we have only included those products in our list that have highly positive customer feedback so that you can choose the best leaf blower cordless for your garden without facing any inconvenience.

Top 3 Things to Consider when Buying a Leaf Blower

If you are planning to buy a new leaf blower, there are many things which you have to keep in mind before buying. You should know the size of your property and most importantly the types of leaf blowers but this will not be enough to buy a good leaf blower. As you know that the market is quite saturated right now, so its important to keep yourself aware of the best leaf blower that can match your needs. For that, you have to increase your research and knowledge.

Now let’s discuss some of the key features and specifications you should see in a leaf blower while choosing one for you:


When choosing for best leaf blower you much consider the air power in the first place. As we all know the power of leaf blowers is measured as airflow, which means how fast the air coming out from the leaf blower is. When mentioning the airflow of any leaf blower it will either be written as cubic feet per minute (cfm) or miles per hour (mph). So before you buy any leaf blower, keep in mind what does cfm and mph airflow is and after that, it would be easy for you to determine what size cordless leaf blower you will need for your yard and garden.


The next important thing you should consider while choosing the best leaf blower cordless is the weight of the leaf blower. This is an important point to ponder about as you’ll be holding it around your yard and garden. The heavy leaf blowers can result in some serious muscle strain, so think before buying. If you are planning to buy a cordless leaf blower just choose one that is lighter in weight with powerful features.

There are many cases in which cordless leaf blowers are heavier than the corded variants, the weight of cordless blowers varies between 2 to 6 kg. You must consider a leaf blower that you can easily carry around a garden and yard while blowing some leaves.


The last thing that is also very important to know is the noise level of the machine. Leaf blowers are normally noisy, which sometimes you can’t help it. So while you are selecting one for less noisy operations, it is best to see which machine has the lowest decibel (dB) level for cleaning your property.

Sometimes the noise level can be problematic in the neighborhood if you live in an association and there are restrictions on using power tools with the high noise level. The loud model generally produces more vibration and you have to buy ear protection to limit any hearing loss.

How Good are Cordless Leaf Blowers?

In this section, we will discuss the benefits of cordless leaf blowers. All gas powered leaf blowers, battery powered leaf blower mulcher, and electric leaf blowers are best in their ways. The cordless leaf blowers are easy to maintain, lighter, and silent than the corded leaf blowers. The cordless leaf blowers are easier to start as they are designed with a higher power to sweep debris off the yards.

The cordless leaf blowers are better with flexibility than the corded ones as they are motorized by high voltage batteries which don’t affect its weight. The batteries of cordless leaf blowers requires recharging, so you might want to buy spare batteries when you have to clean a huge yard, garden or backyard. Stay with us, if you want to know the benefits of a best battery operated leaf blower mulcher for cleaning your yards.


  • A best cordless leaf blower doesn’t have any power cable, which means it is unable to block its movement in the backyard. Hence, if you own a medium-sized garden or backyard, our cordless battery leaf blowers will be a great choice.
  • The best battery powered leaf blowers are environment-friendly, this trait makes them best to use. Global warming is becoming the biggest challenge on Earth, so by using gas engines adding carbon emissions to the ecosystem. The carbon emissions are resulting in pollution. Battery leaf blowers do not have any harmful emissions, which is the best part.
  • The cordless leaf blowers are less in weight, specifically when we compare it with the gas-powered blowers. So, mainly if you own one of the battery-operated blowers you can keep your garden clean without being exhausted.
  • A cordless blower’s most essential trait is its quiet nature. When compared with the gas-powered blowers, the battery-powered blowers don’t operate with a very irritating sound that annoys your neighbors.
  • The battery-powered leaf blower needs less maintenance, especially compared to those with brushless motors.


  • The cordless leaf blower gives you the liberty to work anywhere, but the thing that matters is its battery charging. It can be a worse situation when leaves and stubborn debris is left for blowing, but your battery drains away. So you have to wait until the battery is again fully charged and ready to be used again.
  • The cordless leaf blowers are less powered and have less energy as compared to gas-powered leaf blowers. So, for this reason, the handheld battery powered leaf blowers are best suitable for smaller and medium-sized backyards, gardens or lawns. So, if you don’t find any best cordless leaf blower for commercial areas than you can go with petrol or gas blower.

How to Maintain a Leaf Blower?

A well-maintained leaf blower will eventually work more efficiently for a longer period. So, in this session, we will talk about some effective and basic leaf blower maintenance tips, which you can easily follow. To keep your leaf blower in great shape and to achieve optimal efficiency, comfort and performance, make sure to consider these below tips:

There are four easy tips: firstly, after you are done with clearing debris, spend some time and wipe the leaf blower. Take a small damp cloth so you can easily remove the dirt from its case. Clean the area near the air filter and fan blades. Then secondly, regularly check and clean the filter so it can be kept free from dirt and debris. If it is extra grubby, you can also wash the filter and then reuse it.

If you find that the filter is drained and even can’t be washed or reused, you should use the substitute immediately. Thirdly, once you are done using the blower take a look at its tube. If the tube is not fitted, then accordingly adjust the hose. And if there is any crack in the tube than replace the part immediately. Lastly, you must store your leaf blower in a well-ventilated space and keep it away from any chemicals.

Remember to remove the battery while saving it for the next season. If you own a petrol-powered leaf blower, dry it after adding some fuel stabilizer.

Which Cordless Leaf Blower is Best for me?

The answer to this question is not as simple as the best cordless leaf blower varies from person to person. It will depend on what you need the leaf blower for. Are you looking for a cordless leaf blower for large volumes of debris and leaves? Or are you looking for a leaf blower that can also clean up your garage and gutters? Or you have a low budget in which you want to buy a powerful one?

As now we all know there are a lot of different types of cordless leaf blowers on the market that will help you accomplish your jobs. You can choose from gas-powered leaf blowers, battery-powered leaf blower and even from an electric leaf blower, they all are cordless. So which is best, gas or battery-powered leaf blower depend on which cordless leaf blower will operate in your area.

Leaf blowers also come in different styles like handheld to backpack and wheeled models, which have different features. Backpack and wheeled models mostly lie in the gas leaf blowers category, as they are heavy to carry and therefore cannot be used as a handheld. Then many leaf blowers have a dual function or even come with 3 in 1 functionality such as a vacuum, blowing, and mulching ability.

But the basic function of all these products remains the same, to clear out leaves and other debris from your lawn, sidewalk, workspaces, backyards, and garages. We have mentioned in this leaf blower review 10 best cordless leaf blowers that will help you make the perfect decision for yourselves.

One big problem with gas-powered leaf blowers is that they release terrible thick black smoke, which can result in pollution. Then also consider noise level even choosing the best cordless leaf vacuum blower for yourself. The amount of CFM’s and MPH produced by leaf blower is also different. 10 best cordless leaf blowers are mention above, have a look and choose the best for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most powerful cordless blower?

Even though there are several popular brands available in the market offering powerful cordless blowers. But if you ask about our recommendation in this regard then we will anytime go with Makita XBU02PTI Cordless Leaf Blower.

Who makes the best battery-powered blower?

Several popular brands including Makita, Echo, Toro, Husqvarna, Dewalt, Worx and many others are available in the market. But as per our experience, Dewalt Undoubtedly offers one of the best battery powered leaf blowers in the market in 2023.

Which is the best leaf blower?

Various popular brands are offering best leaf blowers, some of the most popular models are: • Makita XBU02PT1 • HUSQVARNA 150BT • Dewalt DCBL770x1 • Greenworks 40V • Toro 51619 cordless leaf blower

What is the best cordless leaf blower?

As far as the customer ratings are concerned, HUSQVARNA 150BT is one of the most reviewed models on Amazon right now.


A natural phenomenon is that nobody likes to spend hours clearing out leaves or debris from their lawn and backyards, but if you have chosen the best cordless leaf blower that will help you accomplish your job without any daunting. We have provided a list of battery powered leaf blower reviews as well as best electric leaf blower reviews that are cordless in our best leaf blower review.

You can trust us and confidently choose the best cordless leaf blower to take the hassle out of keeping your yard, workshop or house clear of debris. I would recommend GreenWorks 24252 Cordless Blower, as it is lightweight and easy to operate. It requires low maintenance, offering speed control to gather leaves more efficiently. More importantly, it is cordless that offers up to 150mph airspeed in 35 minutes run time.

I would also like to appreciate DEWALT DCBL770X1 handheld leaf blower, which is lightweight and ergonomically designed to be user-friendly. It provides maximum control and at the same time minimizing the stress on your arms. The machine produces 423 CFM and up to 175mph when using the concentrator nozzle. Read our best leaf blower review and know about our 10 best cordless leaf blowers.